How To Clean Acid From Battery Terminals

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How To Clean Acid From Battery Terminals

Postby Dennis B » Thu Jul 20, 2006 12:04 pm

Most of us hate handling batteries and battery cables corroded with acid. I have a method that I have used and works great and want to pass it on to the members. Maybe this has already been posted but here it goes. First I brush away any loose powdery acid with a old paint brush. Removing the battery works best from here on. Mix up in a container (cool whip for example) approximately one part baking soda and four parts hot water (more or less). Take the cable ends and submerge them in the solution. Immediately it will start foaming and bubbling like mad. Keep the end in until it stops bubbling which means the acid is all off the end. Pull it out and it will look like new. Rinse with clean water and your done. If the cable can't be dipped you can use the paint brush and just brush it on till it's clean. Make sure to caught any drippings so you don't have a mess all over. You can also clean the battery box with this solution and also the top of the battery. Just rinse everything with clean water and your done.

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