I'm Dennis Raney, your host of FarmallCub.Com. In late 1998 I found and purchased my first Farmall Cub, a 1947 with hydraulics. When I first saw this tractor I was on a business trip to Springfield, MO. On the return trip, I stopped and to take a closer look at the tractor because it looked identical to my late grandfathers. This was the tractor I knew and loved driving at his farm in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas.

This tractor was the 'mule' of his farm. He had used mules to clear much of the over 300 acres of rugged mountain top land when he originally homesteaded it after World War II. After losing his beloved mule Jericho one winter, he purchased his used Cub tractor with a sickle mower and plow. He fabricated things like wagons and rakes from other old horse drawn equipment to work with his Cub. He would use the Cub to help remove tree stumps, haul rocks (Arkansas grows rocks) plow his gardens, and cut & rake his hay

After his death, many of those items were sold, so I naturally wanted a Cub for my hobby farm of 5 acres. I immediately contacted the seller of the Cub and purchased it and named it 'Jericho', in honor of my Grandfathers favorite mule.

I hope you enjoy the site and my efforts to keep it open and free to everyone. After all, keeping these great tractors running and people enjoying our wonderful farming heritage is what it's all about.

I'm a retired IT Manager for a large federal agency. I have a wife, two sons, 2 dogs, 4 cats, & of course a 1947 Cub, Cadet 104, Cadet Original.

Dennis Raney
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