Surging/Governor Issue FIXED (pics)

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Surging/Governor Issue FIXED (pics)

Postby TheflyingB » Mon Jul 12, 2021 9:40 pm


I had a surging issue with my cub. After digging through all the answers I found here, I found a different issue I hadn't found documented here.

(Linkage was tight and correct, carburetor float was correct)

My governor had pushed it's small snap ring out of the channel. This allowed the weights to spin farther out than intended. The throttle would get pushed too far down. Then when the weights came in, they would push the throttle in again.

I was having trouble sourcing another ring, so I stopped by a local small engine shop. They found one from a starter motor that fit perfectly. $5 and they even put it on!

After that I just had to retime the governor and magneto. It was a piece of cake. I wanted to post this solution so it might save someone like me the time an effort.

Thank you to everyone who posts this wealth of information!
Gov 2.jpg
Gov 1.jpg

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