How to: Deluxe seat on a spring mount.

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How to: Deluxe seat on a spring mount.

Postby Kodiak » Wed Feb 18, 2009 9:36 pm

While waiting on the hydralic fluid to drain from my touch control on the 55, I decided it was time to work on a seat project I had been thinking about for a while. Evilbowevil also mentioned it when he was here last week. So I decided that if I could make Ice Cream with my 55 I might as well have a nice place to sit while waiting on the Ice Cream :D

How to mount your deluxe seat on a pan seat post:

STEP 1) Remove your old pan seat from the post being sure to save the fine thread bolts by screwing them into the pan seat before putting it up for storage or sale on E-bay.

STEP 2) Next round yourself up a piece of plate steel 1/4"x6"x12" This should be adequate to support most of us "healthy" cubbers and it's fairly easy to work with.

STEP 3) In order to find where to place the seat to best suit your on preferences you need to attach the plate to the seat post with a "C" clamp. I positioned this one towards the front. Then clamp the seat frame in place. This will take some "tweaking" to get it just right. You want to be able to reach the petals and steering wheel but also have leg clearance too, so try several positions till you find the one that works for you.




You will need to level out the seat to get it to sit level since the pan seat post slopes to the rear of the tractor. I found it slopes about 3/4".


So I used washers stacked to level out the seat frame once mounted.


A better approach to this would to be to cut some small diameter iron pipe to make the spacers, but do remember to cut them at a angle otherwise you will distort the pan post mounting post as I did in the picture.

STEP 4) Once everything is clamped into place to suit your needs mark the hole locations on the plate and also mark the seat frame relative to it's location on the plate. Once you take it all apart you will know how to put it all in place for welding later.


Be sure to use large enough bolts to hold the seat to the plate. I used hex head bolts since I had plenty in the shop. Pan head bolts would be a better choice since they will not hold the seat cushion as far off the frame. I will have to drill a relief hole in my seat bottom to let the cushion sit all the way down in the frame.

STEP 5) Weld the plate to the seat frame. I welded the plate to the top of the seat frame in order to keep the height of the whole assembly as low as possible. I can see now how angles welded to the plate and positioned between the seat mounting rails would be a better way to do this without welding to the seat frame but hey it was already welded 8)


STEP 6) Once its all welded up and in place on your cub you should have a "birds eye" view of the Cub world :!: Your seat will sit just a bit higher than before but Ifigured it will give me a commanding view of the finish line up by Big Dog's Barn at Cub Tug 09 :mrgreen:


Once I get it all painted up and the cushions mounted I'll post another picture.

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