Free Parts Manuals!!!!

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Free Parts Manuals!!!!

Postby Jymmee61 » Fri Apr 17, 2015 10:39 pm

I recently decided to restore my dad's old Farmall 140 that he left to me. I began by gathering data, service manuals, parts manuals, etc. I went on Ebay and shelled out about thirty bucks for the parts manual. What a ripoff! It had been obviously been copied on a copy machine that must have been low on toner. It was barely legible and of very poor quality. Later I discovered that I could get the parts manual for free compliments of Case/International parts store. All in PDF format, only catch is I had to print it out with my own printer. With the high cost of ink and the cost of the paper it probably still cost quite a bit, but at least I can read it.

So here is how to get a free copy in PDF from Case/International. Go to and click on the "Find Parts By Model" button. In the "Search For Model" search bar type in the model your looking for. Example may be: Cub, 140, 144(for cultivator), 100(for fertilizer unit), or 184(for Cub planter), etc. Sorry they don't have the 180 runner planter for some reason. For mine I typed "140" then scroll down and found "(140) - FARMALL GAS TRACTOR (1/58-12/79)" and clicked on it. If you don't see your model be aware that there may be more than one page. Just scroll to the bottom and
click the next page button.

On the next page will be a list of folders for the different groups for example: cooling, suspension, steering, etc. Just start with the first folder and click on it. Across from the Function Group folders will be the "Assemblies". Click on the first assembly and the page will change showing the parts schematics on the left and the parts list on the right. Above the parts schematics will be a row of red link buttons, the very last one will be yellow and says "Print Assembly". Click on this button and a loading window will pop up that says "please wait while we render your request". Wait for it to finish loading then it will say "The document is ready to be downloaded". Click on the download button and choose "Save File". It will save the file to your default download folder in PDF format. Now hit your back button and choose the next assembly and repeat the process. Once all the assemblies have been saved (note: sometimes there will be more than one page of assembly so check at the bottom) return to the "Function Groups and choose the next folder and do all the assemblies for it.

Once finished you will have all the parts in PDF. You can now print them out, the first page to print will be the parts schematics and the next page or two or three will be the parts list with part numbers and descriptions. Use a three hole punch and put in a three ring binder notebook.

The tractor parts page only lists the chassis parts. Next I searched for model "C-123" to get all the parts for the engine. Search "C-113" for Cub tractors. I added all the pages for the engine to my manual the searched for model "144" to get the Cultivator parts and added them to my manual. Next I searched for model "100" to get the Fertilizer unit parts and added them to my manual. Could not find the "180" planter unit, apparently it don't exists according to Case/International. However, I was able to gather some assemblies from other planters that have some of the same parts as the 180 and printed some pages to add to my manual.

Well, that's how it's done! I hope everybody finds this post helpful. Maybe if a moderator reads this he will attach a sticky to it and keep it at the top of the forums. Then other members and future members can easily find it and use the information. And not get ripped off on Ebay!

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