Cultivator Tool

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Cultivator Tool

Postby tst » Thu May 12, 2022 10:09 pm

I work on a lot of cultivators, mostly because they are rusted together from being left outdoors to rust together and spend time to get all of it freed up and adjustments working, cultivators are a miserable thing as they like to bite you and get wrapped around you like a snake, one part always frozen and is a pain to break free is the yoke that adjusts, so made a quick tool to deal with this, to turn these by hand is about impossible when froze up after not moving for 50 years, much of the time a torch is used to convince them to move , the tool is very simple, just a chunk of flat stock the thickness of the inside diameter of the yoke it self, about 1 ", set the block in the yoke then drill a hole through it for the pin, next I welded an old 1/2 " drive socket to it, now with the pin installed I just spin it free with my impact wrench in a few seconds instead of fighting with it
this may not be for everyone but myself as I do several sets a year it saves a lot of time

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