How to properly remove a crank pulley

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How to properly remove a crank pulley

Postby Ralph » Sun Aug 31, 2008 7:23 pm

i will start this phase of the operation assuming the hood and front of the tractor radiator and lower radiator has been removed and the tractor properly supported.

First you need to either fabricate or purchase the proper puller.
The one i use can be purchased from Bill poore his machinist friend Earl makes theese and they are excellant quality and i have pulled 20 plus pulleys with this one with out breaking any of them.
And it takes about 3 minuts to remove the pulley.


you install a 1/2 -13 x 6in Grade 8 bolt in the end of the crankshaft be shuree to check the hole for dirt and it may be advisable to chase the threads with a tap.


after the bolt is installed put the puller in place with the pump on the jack to the lower side the jack will not work on its side if the pump is on the top.


Holding the jack straight start applying pressure make shure it does not try to bend the bolt if it does loosen the jack and set it straight as it will do this if it is not straight... VERRY IMPORTANT !!!!


once the pulley is off the crank remove the puller and the bolt .

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