How To Remove A Reluctant Pilot Bushing From The Crankshaft

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How To Remove A Reluctant Pilot Bushing From The Crankshaft

Postby Kit Sumner » Sun Aug 05, 2007 6:53 pm

The following pictures document my success at extracting my "reluctant" 48 yr. old clutch pilot bushing from its housing. Thank you, Bigdog for all your encouragement.

My tools, clear & simple: 3/4" X 10 tap, 3/4" X 4" bolt (3/4" X 6" bolt w/ 3" of thread would have been a better choice and eliminated the need for a socket used as a spacer.), 12" tap wrench.

The careful chasing of threads in the worn bushing begins. Notice my arched block & wedges to immobilize the fly wheel.

Threads have been chased & thoroughly cleaned (I removed tap several times for more complete chip removal; WD-40 for lubricant)

Bolt threaded in w/ 1/2" drive ratchet and 1 1/8" socket; bolt end bottoms out; bushing begins its forward movement.

Forward progress visible; almost effortless extraction.

More than half way of its 1" of travel.

Almost effortless extraction; absolutely no damage anywhere. Notice 1/4" socket in hole, used as spacer for more thread travel. This would have been unnecessary if a 3/4" X 6" bolt w/ 3" of thread and been available.

Perfect side wall clearance.
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