Removing the TC without removing the hood

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Removing the TC without removing the hood

Postby Bill Hudson » Sun Oct 16, 2022 6:20 pm

We all know what happens when we remove the hood and I've now removed a TC without removing the hood. Here are a few pics to document my process.

When you remove the hyraulic lines and also drain the TC oil runs back the torque tube and makes a mess. Simply fasten a short tarp strap across the bottom of the tube to stop the oil.
TC #2.jpg

The rockshaft has been removed from the TC and placed on the bellhousing.
TC #6.jpg

The hydraulic line, choke rod and underslung exhaust pipe have been removed and the two bolts holding the TC down have been disengaged.
TC #5.jpg

The starter rod has been removed and the front bolt holding down the TC has been disengaged.
TC #4.jpg

A ratchet, 3" extension, and universal joint make short work of disengaging the final bolt holding the TC down.
TC #3.jpg

A prybar and a short piece of sheet metal to slide under the TC makes it easy to dislodge the TC with slight upward pressure on the prybar. The TC is now free, simply rotate it clockwise about 90 degrees and it slides right out.
TC #7.jpg

Now all that is left is to rebuild the TC and reverse the process to install the TC.

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