Momentary Switch For Polarizing A Generator

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Momentary Switch For Polarizing A Generator

Postby Rudi » Tue Nov 24, 2009 9:38 pm

We all know that if you remove the Battery for any length of time, the Battery dies, rewiring etc., that the Generator has to be re-polarized before the Generator can charge the Battery again. Polarizing requires that you momentarily touch a jumper wire from the Batt Terminal on the Voltage Regulator or Cut-Out which results in a slight spark that let's you know that the Generator's Magnetic Field has indeed been polarized. See Big Dog's excellent How To Polarize Your Generator article.

Main problem with attempting this is the Hood. Not a lot of space for fidgeting around with a small wire trying to find the proper terminals to effect this procedure. Usually getting large meathooks (as my mitts are affectionately described by my better half :roll: :lol: ) up into an area that is meant for very tiny hands in next to impossible so you either take the hood off :arrow: oh no !!! :wink: or have a piece of wire somehow attached to the proper terminals tucked up inside the hood somewhere. I did this for a while back in 03 or 04 I guess.. but I was always having to tuck that loose wire back up under the hood. So this time while I had the hood off :idea: :arrow: :D having the Generator rebuilt, replacing the toasted Cut-Out replaced, re-doing the wiring harness and a few other projects under the hood, I decided to re-do the project EJP had suggested to me just before my heart surgery. EJP suggested that I incorporate a Momentary Switch that is normally in the disconnect or off position as a means of having a quick method of re-polarizing the Generator.

I tried it and it worked.. in a fashion. I poked around in my radio parts drawers, found an old push-button two-pole momentary switch, fabricated an aluminum bracket from some scrap aluminum that we used on the house the year before for the switch. Then I wired it up - one side to the Battery Terminal on the Cut-Out and the other side to the A Terminal on the Generator. Then I mounted it to one of the ear bolts on the dash under the hood.


Worked ok, but didn't protect the switch and it eventually rusted and the bezel kind of fell apart. Nope, they don't make bezels like they used to :roll: :lol:

I decided this time to get a little more creative. I always like to do neat little projects - keeps me smiling and that is important.

My New Improved Momentary Switch For Polarizing The Generator

First thing needed is a Momentary Switch. I found what I was looking for at a local Source by Circuit City store -- used to be Radio Shack once upon a time. Used to have all kinds of stuff for buiding radios, switch boxes, pc's and other neat electronic stuff.
pic04.jpg (4.42 KiB) Viewed 2808 times

Momentary Switch Model: 275-609 Comes 2 to a package, one red and one black.

The next item required I found at my local pharmacy - I get some salves in slightly larger tubs, so I asked em if they had a 150ml or 250ml container and they gave me this 100ml tub:


A nice sealable container the right size for the switch and would not take up much room where I wanted to put it. The next step would be to drill an appropriately sized hole that just allows the shank of the switch body to almost screw in to the cap -- has to be a snug fit but not too tight.

Insert the switch body through the cap, then screw on the bezel nut and tighten snugly.

Snip off a 10" +/- piece of 2 conductor primary wire.. around 12 gauge or so should be sufficient, crimp on/solder a pair of spade terminal connectors and connect to the terminals of the momentary switch.

Drill an appropriate sized hole at the bottom of the tub to accomodate the wire and feed it through. Once completed, you can add a dab of silicone caulk to the bottom of the tub to make if water-proof/weathertight.


Add a pair of ring terminals to the opposite ends of the wire.

Attach one ring terminal to the Battery Terminal on the Voltage Regulator and one ring terminal to the A or Gen Terminal on the bottom side of the Voltage Regulator. Then using a wire tie, attach the tub encased switch to the harness as close to the Voltage Regulator as you can.


Nice, neat, weatherproof polarizing switch for your Cub. Means you never have to take the hood off again to polarize the Generator.


Last thing needed is to put the Hood back onto your Cub and reconnect the Battery. To Polarize the Generator, simply reach under the hood and push the button briefly. The Generator should now be polarized.

Oh, I got a pair of tubs to match the pair of switches... now I have the other one ready for Granny :!: :idea: :arrow: :D Worked perfectly btw. Ellie is now charging :{_}:
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