12 Volt Conversion With a Hitachi (another way to wire)

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12 Volt Conversion With a Hitachi (another way to wire)

Postby smigelski » Sun Mar 30, 2008 7:21 pm

I installed a Hitatchi last week which was not the same as the other how to post. I have to give credit to Deputy Jailer for help with this.

1. the alternator was not narked but come to find out they are all same with this plug configureation.


The "S" terminal goes back to the positive side of the battery. I did it this way there is not several connections between the alternator and the battery(less chance of corrosion and problems, when there is a problem also easier to trouble shoot)

The "L" terminal gets a jumper to the positive side of the coil.
This is a 1 way electrical valve. if you do not install it the tractor cannot be shut off from the on/off switch.

That completes the chargeing system for the tractor.

2. Now run 12ga wire from the positive on the battery to your on/off switch.

now on the opposite terminal on the switch you need 2 wires. 1 wire goes to the volt meter to keep track of chargeing. The 2nd wire goes to the positive side of the coil. on the negative side of the coil put a jumper to the distributor.

Put wire lume on the wires and it is complete.

I would not reccomend runing all of your wires to the positive lead on the starter. If something gives you electrical troubles it makes it difficult to figure out what the problem is. By running 2 wires from the battery, it gives you 2 seperate electrical systems. Thus if the tractor runs but does not charge, you know the electrical system for the coil is fine and you just have to check 2 wires for the alternator. Also it works the other way. If you don't have spark there is only 2 wires, coil, points, and condenser.

here is a picture of the rear of a Hitachi (note the plug is in different spots on different alternators, but the diagram above applies

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