im new and would like to say hello

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im new and would like to say hello

Postby subs1000w » Sat Apr 29, 2006 8:50 pm

just to warn you this is long but i think some of you will enjoy reading it took me about an hour to type and there is a question at the end but here it goes i have a BAD case of the engine bug if you know what i mean which i think you all do if your reading this and love toys with 4 wheels

the bad my grandparents sold there buetiful home of 53 years my grandpa built and i do mean biult himself on 3 acres and moved just down the street into a much smaller house with a MUCH smaller yard, im very upset since this has been my favorit place to go for as long as i can remember and is the reason i have the engine bug-my grandpa gave it to me back when i was 6 "im now 22" and its growing bigger ever since

the good ive talked him into giving me his you guessed it a 49 cub with the hydroulic touch control, 6v +ground electric and magneto ignition, hes owned it since 1960 he paid $975 for it with all the goodies

its got a 42in kub klipper belly mower which ive had some confution over because it has a modle number C2 but is slightly different to the IH danco mower because it has a belt gaurd and the lift chain mounts to a center instead of both sides and the mule drive pulley ajustment is alittle diferent and i think it uses a longer belt because going off a post on here i perchased a belt 139in long for it but it seems alittle to short because i thought the belt was supposed to go under the mule drive mount bracket but the belt is to short so i had to go over the bracket but the belt rubs alittle on the bracket but it work fine for now

a 23-A Disc Harrow, a grader blade and a plow dont know the models

he had a sickle mower for it but literaly took it to the scap yard a few years ago because it was "to hard to set up" i wish he would of kept it but i cant really complain

im excited to get it and plan on fixing alot of the things wrong because he really likes to rigg stuff up because like so many old timers he is REALLY god love him cheap and when somthing broke he would rig it up instead of replacing the part for exaple the pto shifter broke about 2years ago so he removed the trans fill plug and has been engaging the pto with a screw driver, he said he has fixed it in the past many years ago but i guess being 81 just didnt want to mess withit

also it currently has both front tires replaced with auto donut spares and youll love why, it all startedwhen the mower belt broke and instead of spending the 30$ for a new one he had a belt back in the shed he said he "found some time ago" but it was to long so he rigged up the deck so it would fit of course this meant moving the deck forward about 5in and the mower is missing the "extierier side panels" that cover the blade so to blade is exposed to the tires and he quickly found out that when the perfect cercumstaces came together the blade would hit the tire so i found him the right belt and moved the deck back but instead of replacing the tires and tubes he had some spare tires off 5lug cars so he bolted them up and they fit "for now" but since then i have bought new tires and tubes for it now and im sand blasting the wheels and wieghts and painting them befor i put the new tiers on

one of the rear wheels is rusted pretty bad around the valve stem area i searched and read a few posts on how to fix this by redrilling a hole somwhere else and welding in a patch so ill try that if its rusted to bad ill just replace it

also another thing is it burns some oil so hes been puting the old oil from his cars in it for a long time and just keeps adding oil but not changing it and he also said there is no oil filter in it, what a surprize

and only god knows what im going to find when i check the air filter like i read in another post i expect to find "sludge"

the elctrical is going to need to be completly redone it has ofcourse the 6v + ground but hasnt had a battery for along time and starts fine with the crank but all the wires are really deteriorated even the engine kill wire is shorted somwhere so he detached it so to turn off the engine you have to touch it to the mag

it has low oil pressure. when you start it up the neddle is in the white but like a mm from the red and it drops into the red when it warms up. he did replace the rings and grind the valves back in the early 80s but didnt do the bearings and considering his nonexistant oil/filter change intervales thats proboly what it is but im going to get an oil filter and change the oil and see because it doesnt knock or sound bad YET just alittle blue smoke from the exhaust also its hard to start/wont start when hot i assume the valves just need to be adjusted so thats what ill check 1st

i fixed the pto today i bought a new shifter and replaced it i wish i could of taken a pic of the pto clutch it looks like he welded washers onto it and his welding was very evedent on the old pto shifter but all worn away also the slop that came out when i pulled the rear cover off was expected i refilled with 80w90 but theres alot of grease biuldup in the housing he said and i quote " it leaks alittle so i would pump some greas and dump some used oil in there every once in a while" it was hard not to laugh when he said that

any way all this brings one question he cant remeber what he did with the trans oil fill plug and i was wondering if its a standerd pipe plug i can get a the hardware store

im sure there will be more question down the road but for now thanks for your time

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Postby Rudi » Sat Apr 29, 2006 9:00 pm

First, Image to the greatest forum on the internet, and to the Cub Family. You will find that all the folks on this forum are kind, helpful and just full of Cub info and knowledge. They also happen to be the finest folks I have ever met :!: :D

You will learn a lot here and I hope you enjoy it. There is lots of reading for you to catch up on, your questions on the Kub Klipper will be answered as well as the other Implements that you have.

Have a look at the TM Tractor Parts Cub Gallery, and check out all the different Implement brochures. This should help significantly with your questions.

Investigate ALL of the links, I am sure you will enjoy..
:!: :idea: :arrow: :wink: :D :D Your Grand Dad was good to LET you talk him out of the Cub... I bet he was pretty tickled you have such an interest in it.... 8) 8) 8) :!:

Ok, so here is the spiel Image:

I would suggest that you read this thread: New Members and Visitors, Please READ Prior to Posting. There are many great links to informative pages such as the ATIS FAQ's 1 and ATIS FAQ's 2, The Best of H.L. Chauvin who has written very interesting articles on troubleshooting common problems with your Cub.

Also, you might want to visit the Cub Manual Server as there is tons of info on servicing, maintaining and re-building your Cub. In addition to this basic information, there are also a number of other useful tools available on the server. There is the Specialty Services page which has contact info for neat stuff like getting your seats recovered, buying quality Decals, Serial Number tags and a host of other neat items. Also there are the Parts Pages - both Used Parts Suppliers and New Parts Suppliers pages with links to quality dealers. I am always looking for YOUR favourite dealers for New and Used Parts to include here. These are intended to complement the businesses who support Website.

I would also recommend that you visit Binder Books and purchase the three most important manuals you can own for Maintenance, Repair and Rebuilding your Cub. These are the Owner's Manual, the GSS-1411 Service Manual and the TC-37F Parts Manual. Although they are available on the Cub Manual Server, it is better is you also have your own paper copy. Binder Books is the only Authorized IH Publication Reprint House and they have the best quality manuals available. Most other's are not of the same quality. Just a personal thought here, the I&T Shop Manuals, although helpful in some areas, really are not sufficient for the job. If you wish though, they are good additional reference works.

IF you really want to get the skinny on all things Cub, might I suggest you get a copy of Ken Updike's Farmall Cub and Cub Cadet's :?: . Along with Guy Fay's Letter Series Originality Guide, these are two must have's in anyone's collection.

In addition to the above information, don't forget to check out the various articles that are available to help with your Repair, Restore, Rebuild or just your Maintenance Projects. There are a number of sub pages such as Electrolysis or Rust Zapper's, Maintenance Tips, Jigs and Techniques, Implement and Part Sketches and of course the Paint, Decals & Other Finish Questions which has the Paint Chart and the Paint Committee Decisions links.

I truly hope that you enjoy your Cub and that you will be a frequent contributor to the forum. Again, Image to the Cub FamilyImage :D
Confusion breeds Discussion which breeds Knowledge which breeds Confidence which breeds Friendship

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Postby John(videodoc) » Sat Apr 29, 2006 9:07 pm

Welcome to best site on the web!! And you were right that was a long post, lots of info, and most of us got somebody like that in our families or have ended up with a tractor that has been treated that way.

Jim Becker
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Postby Jim Becker » Sat Apr 29, 2006 10:21 pm

Your missing plug is a common square-headed pipe plug.

Your starting problem may be a weak magneto. Check your spark when it is hot and refusing to start.

Get the oil changed (drain it hot) and then check your oil pressure, burning etc. All the symptoms you are seeing now will be worse with old oil than with something decent. I would suggest an HD30 in your case.

I also STRONGLY recommend you get an Owner's Manual (1004120), Parts Catalog (TC-37F) and the service manual(GSS-1411). Just looking through these manuals you will learn a bunch of important things that you might never think to ask about. You can get high quality reprints of all of these from Binder Books.

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Postby Jeff M » Sun Apr 30, 2006 5:57 am

That was a great post, and hit home for me. I too was very close to my grandfather, and was unhappy when he moved out of the "ancestral" farm, where I spent many happy hours as a child ( ). However, he built a beautiful new house, in which I now live.

And it appears your grandfather wrote the book on "cheap"!!! Very entertaining.

So now you have the tractor that was your grandfather's--you're very lucky, and I know you realize it. My grandfather died 35 years ago, and I have the Ford tractor that he bought new. I wouldn't sell it if my life depended on it, because I think of him every time I use it--and these are pleasant thoughts indeed.

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Postby DuxburyFarmall » Sun Apr 30, 2006 6:02 am

Welcome to the greatest form on the web!

'51 Cub and a 60's Cub Lo-Boy

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Postby Kirk » Sun Apr 30, 2006 8:55 am

Hey Subs,

Enjoyed your post!! Sounds like you have aquired a hobby that will keep you enthuised for some time. And you will find that the members of this forum will help you thru any problem that may arise.

Welcome......glad to have you :wink:


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Postby jostev » Sun Apr 30, 2006 9:01 am

Welcome to the Greatest forum on the web :!:


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Postby Stan's Cub » Sun Apr 30, 2006 9:12 am

welcome subs, you came to the right place!
'54 Cub

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Postby cowboy » Sun Apr 30, 2006 9:43 am

Hi Subs

Great post :!: Welcome to the form :P Before I changed oil I would run it with sea foam or Marvel Mistery oil in it. Drain the trans fill with kerosene run it for a while to flush it out and refill with 80/90 wt gear lube. Check the level in the final drives its a plug on the inside above drive pans that a 1/2 extension will go into the one on the right is usually behind the drawbar plate. And steering gear box. You may know there is not a water pump on the cub. If you change or add antifreeze you have to premix it or it will not circulate ant the engine will overheat.

Good luck :!: Post a picture if you can. We will help as much as we can :wink:

Take care of your equipment and it will take care of you. 1964 cub. Farmall 100 and 130.

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Postby subs1000w » Sun Apr 30, 2006 12:05 pm

thanks guys

jim thats exactly what i expected from you straight to the point and right on ill take your advise but i like the idea about running some seafoam throught the engine first to clean it out ive heard this before on other forums too and he gave me the original owners manual and ive printed out the service manual from the manuals page "that manuals page is sweet"

jeffd thats a really nice looking place much much larger than my grandparents i can amagine you were devistated also and i also think that im just lucky that my grand parents are still alive but for how much longer i dont know so i chairish them very much and i hope that when my grandpa does die proboly the 1st thing ill do is get on the tractor and just drive around to help cope and remember him lifting me onto the tractor when i was 3 or 4 and drive around

cowboy i did know about the lack of water pump "thermosyphon" but didnt think about the premixing and ill remember that i know right now it just has water in it and my granpa used to drain the water when it was expected to freeze but ill proboly put some antifreeze in it because i dont want to be draining refilling it all the time and i plan on flushing EVERY lube resivour on the thing with kero except the engine which seafoam sound good i do have a bottle of that in the garage just waiting to be used

and i plan on getting a pic very soon i want to get one with me and him in it together

thanks again and sorry for posting in the wrong forum i didnt know this one existed till now

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Postby Buzzard Wing » Sun Apr 30, 2006 7:51 pm

Great story.... I can just see Gramps with a screwdrive engaging the PTO.... I t's a pretty amusing story. The word of the day is parsimonious.

Even if you have the original manual(s) I think the latest ones are better, especially for stuff like wiring diagrams. I put Rudi to work scanning my operators manual, so that may be up on his site soon.

Even though I was a technician and could make up a wiring harness, I think it is worthwhile to buy a 'factory' one. Not too bad, about $45.

Send us some snapshots when you get a chance!
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Postby subs1000w » Wed Jun 21, 2006 9:05 pm

finally got a pic of me my grandpa and the cub still at his old house but it wont be there to much longer demolition is sceduled for august


ive done quite abit to it in the last month

jbwelded the governor rockshaft due to ALOT of play also adjusted the bumper spring so it acually did somthing

replaced the starter kill wire the old one was shorting out and disconected so to turn off the engine youd have to touch the wire to the mag

checked the compression it was 83,75,82,84 so not to bad pretty much what i expected also cleaned the plugs

realigned the steering

adjusted the brakes

things i plan on doing in the next few months

get the stock wheels back on the front but i first have to get lug bolts

rebiult the carb and adjust the float due to it leaking almost imidiatly after you open the fuel valve

change the oil and get an oil filter

inspect the air cleaner housing and clean / add oil

replace plugs and wires since it has auto style wires on it right now and ive heard there not as good for this application

weld the front axle its cracked right at the top and has been welded before

overall its running and driving much better but theres more work to be done and this site has been so helpful every problem ive found an answer to in the search thanks again

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