How To Make a Block and Radiator Lower Casting Flushing Tool

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How To Make a Block and Radiator Lower Casting Flushing Tool

Postby Eugene » Thu Feb 08, 2007 5:16 pm

    Block and Radiator Lower Casting Flushing Tool


    This tool is used to flush crud from the lower radiator housing and from around and behind cylinders in engine blocks. I'm sure there is more than one way to make this device. This is more of an idea or concept. I made this device from on hand items. No out of pocket expense.



    This tool is constructed from 1/4" copper tubing, a brass female garden hose connector, scrap electrical wire and solder. I flared the end of the copper tubing that went into the garden hose end. After soldering, I don't think it was necessary to flare.

    Scrap electrical wire was wound around the copper tubing, enlarging the diameter until it fit the female garden hose. The barb on the hose connector was crimped around the copper wire. The parts were fluxed then soldered together.

    The brass female hose connector I used was for 1/2" ID hose, however a 3/8" fitting would also work.


    Usage is pretty obvious. I have used this tool on a Cub block and lower radiator housing after removing the lower coolant manifold from the right side of the block. I have also use this tool to flush out the bottom and top of an Allis Chalmers radiator. I flushed out an Allis block, still in tractor with the head off, by inserting the tool into each coolant opening on in the top of the block.
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