Cooling System Success Story

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Cooling System Success Story

Postby bob in CT » Thu Jul 09, 2020 4:37 pm

My '74 mowing Cub was belching and steaming so it was time for some attention. We have an old school radiator shop I use, so I called and asked what elixir they recommend for the Cub. "Lestoil. Drain it, put in a quart, fill with water and run it for a week."
Yesterday I drained the Lestoil and pulled the water neck by the starter. I wish I pulled it before because what I could see inside the block was pristine. I shoved the pressure washer nozzle up in the block and moved it around as much as space allowed to blast the crud from the top of the cylinders where it impedes heat transfer and makes hot spots. Mowed today at 90+ and brutal humidity (bad for operator) an not a gurgle, hiss or overflow belch. The procedure is in the manual, but the Lestoil trick was new to me.

Make sure you use Lestoil. Pine Sol has no pine oil and no Stoddard solvent so it is a different animal and it may not work as well.

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