Functional sickle or yard art?

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Functional sickle or yard art?

Postby AndrewSpencer » Sat Apr 16, 2022 3:02 pm

Howdy all.

Decades ago dad got this sickle (sp?) mower at auction, and I think it was only to scare the neighbors to staying on their side of line. I picked it up the other day thinking that if it has a chance at being functional ever again, now is the time.

In poking and prodding at it I am not sure I have all the parts, nor am I sure it is worth the time to actually get it working again.

Any thoughts, opinions and words of advice are wanted. Thanks!

Hopefully the pictures came through...


Bob McCarty
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Re: Functional sickle or yard art?

Postby Bob McCarty » Sat Apr 16, 2022 3:18 pm

Check to see if the pulley turns the shaft. At a minimum, you'd need to replace the sections/blades, pittman stick, and find a PTO pulley if you don't have it. I'm sure others will spot other possible problems. You might want to print off the pictures on TM Tractor and see what else might be missing.
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Don McCombs
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Re: Functional sickle or yard art?

Postby Don McCombs » Sat Apr 16, 2022 4:15 pm

I don’t see the other end of the pitman hardware or the drag link, but they may be in there somewhere.
Don McCombs
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Re: Functional sickle or yard art?

Postby tmays » Sat Apr 16, 2022 6:08 pm

Don, I believe the other end of pitman hardware is there. Still hooked to the ball. Looks like a good candidate for bringing back to life especially if you have the drag link Din mentioned and the pto pulley. Bob has given good advice also. But keep in mind it’s hard to know much from pics. Check flywheel shaft for up and down wear at each end, hinge pins and the large pin for wear(actually the holes they ride in). Also check flywheel pulley. Quite often they rub on the inner side and wear out.

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Re: Functional sickle or yard art?

Postby Glen » Sat Apr 16, 2022 7:00 pm

What I can see in the pics looks in fair condition. Don't think it is no good until you check it closer.

I don't want to disagree with Bob, but the mower can be used with the knives and cutting parts it has, if you aren't using it for cutting fine grass.
The smooth knives, IH called them, without serrations, cut too, they work for grass with larger stems, or small brushy type plants.
IH did make them, so they must have some use for something.
Easier than replacing the parts also.

The serrated knives work better for grass.

Here is info if the parts that go on the knife end of the pitman are gone.

Webb Cutting Components, online, has the parts that go on the knife bar end of the pitman, the last time I looked there.

Below are pages from the Cub implement manual showing the Ball Bearing Pitman, and the parts needed at the knife attaching end, the left end in the pic.
You can look for the parts online, using the IH part numbers. ... e%2082.jpg ... e%2083.jpg

It says it uses 5/16" x 2" long bolts to hold the parts onto the left end of the pitman. 4 bolts, with lock washers and nuts.

Below is a listing at TM Tractor for a new pitman wood, you can look at the pics.

There is a bushing at the front and rear of the long shaft. Check them for wear.
Move the shaft up and down. There should be about no up and down movement.
It can make noise if the bushings are worn.
There should be almost no end play for the long shaft, but it has to turn freely.

The mower uses the IH tapered head bolts to hold it on the Cub, at the clutch housing. I can see in your pics it has a taper at one hole in the bracket.
The bolts are needed to securely hold the mower on the tractor.

Below is a listing at TM Tractor for the bolts.

The rear bracket probably uses 1 tapered head bolt to hold it on the final drive.
It is longer, here is the listing below.
The Cub 22 Mower owner's manual says leave the drawbar on the Cub when using the mower, except for the 1st mowers, they had a different rear bracket.

Below is the Cub 22 Mower owner's manual, it has lots of info, and shows putting the mower on the Cub.
You don't use the manual lift lever shown in it, if the Cub has Touch Control. :) ... _Mower.asp

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Re: Functional sickle or yard art?

Postby AndrewSpencer » Sat Apr 16, 2022 8:17 pm

Thanks you all for the prompt and insightful replies. Sounds like I will poke at it more on Monday after Easter.

Glen, thank you so much for all the info. I did download all of them then save them as a pdf for easy printing. And I cleaned up the parts pages so they are a bit more legible, however, it is now a 7.5 MB file. Is there a way to upload this for all to share?

Thanks and Happy Easter!


Matt Kirsch
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Re: Functional sickle or yard art?

Postby Matt Kirsch » Tue Apr 19, 2022 11:18 am

I've brought crustier sickle mowers back to life.

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