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Postby Westhill » Sat Oct 12, 2019 3:36 pm

I purchased a 1960 cub. It runs well but the hydraulics for the snow blade do not move. Any suggestions on where I need to start? Fluid etc?

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Dale Finch
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Re: Hydraulics

Postby Dale Finch » Sat Oct 12, 2019 3:56 pm

Check the fluid level and if low, check the engine oil level...if high, that might be where all your hyd fluid went, past the o-ring/seal of the pumps drive shaft. If the engine oil level is normal, top off touch control block with HyTran (or equivalent).

If full, the drive gear on your hydraulic pump might have come off the pump. That requires draining the system and pulling the pump off.

If the pump gear is in place, you probably need to rebuild the touch control block.
Dale Finch
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Re: Hydraulics

Postby Glen » Sat Oct 12, 2019 4:10 pm

The hydraulic system is called a Touch Control. It has to have fluid to work, the fluid could be low, and it won't work. Maybe you knew that already.
Below are pages from the 1955 Cub owner's manual, about the Touch Control.
The pic on the 1st page shows the parts of the system, and where the filler plug is.
The pic on the 3rd page shows where the drain plug is.

http://farmallcub.com/rudi_cub/www.clea ... age-65.jpg

http://farmallcub.com/rudi_cub/www.clea ... age-66.jpg

http://farmallcub.com/rudi_cub/www.clea ... age-67.jpg

Nowadays they use Case IH Hy-Tran fluid. Case IH dealers sell it. The system holds 3 1/2 Pints of fluid, so a 1 gallon can is plenty.
If you change the fluid, be sure to do what it says on the 3rd page, in paragraph 4, to remove the air from the system, the arms have to go through their full travel. Then fill the system the last time with the arms in the rear, or down position.
The fluid rises in the system as the arms go to the rear, so if you fill it with the arms ahead, you will overfill the system.

The system could be low because the fluid is leaking from the pump shaft seal, into the engine oil pan. Use the Cub some after filling the system, and see if the oil level on the engine dipstick goes up, and the fluid level in the Touch Control goes down.

If there is fluid leaking on the outside of the unit, then that leak needs repairing.

Below is the 1955 Cub owner's manual. The experts on here recommend that people read it. It has lots of info about operation, maintenance, and lubrication. There is a table of contents on page 1.
It has more info than the 1959 Cub owner's manual on here, which is the same style as a 1960 Cub. :)

http://farmallcub.com/rudi_cub/www.clea ... index.html

The 1955 Cub owner's manual has 2 pages missing from the lubrication section, you can find the info in the 1959 Cub owner's manual below.

http://farmallcub.com/rudi_cub/www.clea ... index.html

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