Implement and Part Sketches

What I would like to accomplish on this page, is to collect all the various and sundry jigs, tools, parts, accessories/implements that various members of our Cub family either have aquired, designed, made/fabricated to replace parts no longer available, repair minor and serious cracks and other damage, or to accomplish a specific task.
Hopefully this page will be updated often with many new additions. However, I cannot do this unless you all who wish to share your designs, creations, fixes etc., get them to me to post. I know many Cubbers would love to have access to some of the wonderful creations that have been seen on the boards so far such as the Cub Steps (a number of varieties), 3-point hitches, potato hillers, speaders, fertilizers, tractor jacks, electrolysis tanks, trailers and such. Simply send me an email with the scan, pictures or drawings (including CADD) attached, or a photocopy via snail mail.
I would like to thank those of you who have already shared your ideas, sketches, plans, allowed them to be scanned and posted for all our fellow Cubbers to utilize. Many thanks all.

This page is undergoing an update, so please bear with us !


Bill Brauch

Bill Brauch's 3 Point Hitch For Cubs

Jim Becker

Jim Becker's Drawings

Jim Hudson

Jim Hudson's Dirt Scoop and Drawbar

Dan Huggler (Clem)

Dan Huggler's Fuel Line Replacement Project

One Point Hitch Drawings

These two pdf's need to be joined to produce the full size pattern

Fast Hitch Point Full Size Part A
Fast Hitch Point Full Size Part B

Dave Toney (Dave 69 lo-Boy)

Cub Mounted Generator Bracket

Gary Dotson

Gary Dotson's Tie Downs

Ken Hill (Bus Driver)

Bus Driver's Heli-Coil Drilling Jig

Ralph Napier

Ralphs Fast Hitch Landscape Rake

Rudy Oblak

Rudy's CADD Drawings

Chad Penny

Chad Penny's CADD Drawings

E.J. "John" Puckett

Bell Crank Extension Sketch

Dirt Scoop

Darrell "Big Dog" Ratliff

Cub Battery Cables

R.H."Rudi" Saueracker, SSM

Battery Box
Cub-22 Sickle Bar Mower
Drawbar Bracket
Electrolysis Tank
Log Wagon

Potato Hiller
Rear Lifting Bar
Snow Plow

John Smith

John Smith's CAD Drawings

Mike "Arizona Mike" Tiemann

Arizona Mike's Fast Hitch Plans

Ron "Kodiak" Whiting

Kodiak's 5 Gallon Electrolysis Tank
Kodiak's Disc Harrow Solution

Kodiak's Karry-All

Dave "Dirt Devil" Wiles

Dave's Fast-Hitch Platform Carrier

George Willer

George Willer's Cub Step


Lombard's Cub Hand Crank

Lombard's Crack Repair

Cub Parts and Accessories Pictures

Brian Piersol's Cub Step
Calvin's Cub Step
Pitman Arm for Cub-22 Mower
IHC Original Clutch Housing Cover Print
John's Landscape Rake