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How many ears to you power down in a sitting

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Sweet corn

Postby SamsFarm » Sun Sep 04, 2022 10:29 pm

Growing up, Mom picked up some sweet corn once in a while.

Then I had a span in my young adult life where it was few and far between.

That all changed a few years after getting my own land and I began planting (and growing) sweet corn.

Mom and many others would say "It is the best they ever had!"

My belief is the organically grown is what makes the difference! ;)


As a grower, I also became a big eater of it, gobbling down (my own) corn on the cob in season, and freezing it off the cob to enjoy the rest of the year.

I rarely will eat sweet corn other than what I grow. Along the way I have learned that it is usually a dissapointment to eat corn from another, and would just wait another year. That happened last year with a crop failure! No corn :(

Well not a bumper crop this year, but been enjoying my share (6 ears today :)) I am mostly a 3 at a time guy, unless I have some (raw) in the field while picking, or some for breakfast after picking.

Happy to have shared (lots) of corn with my Mother in her later years!

(Please forgive me if you dont like my poll humor!)

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