Happy Farmall Cub Community Day 2014!

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Happy Farmall Cub Community Day 2014!

Postby Dennis » Mon Jul 08, 2013 5:08 pm

I want to take a few minutes of your time to give thanks to some wonderful people. People that have endeared themselves to you and I. Hardworking people that live life like it should be and give freely of themselves -- the Farmall Cub Community Members.

This site would not be possible without YOU, our GREAT Sponsors (TM, JP and HamiltonBob), and the shoulders of the GREAT ones that are no longer with us today (George Willer, Albie Badaracco, Dan England, Pete Green - Pete1941, and Russ Leggett).

There is a tremendous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to keep this site running so that our GREAT community has a place, a home, to bring their problems, solutions or to share a part of their lives they are proud of or even when we are hurting. FarmallCub.Com has been that place for over 14 years and never asks for anything more than an occasional "Thanks".

Also, let us not forget our unsung hero's who are both loved and despised by some ;) , our Moderators and TeamCub Guides. There's is not an easy job and they mostly get a lot of grief and very little thanks for what they do on a daily basis -- they must walk the fine line of being a Cub Community member who has just as much fun as any other member and the person that says "wait a minute, that's not allowed." There diligence is what makes this site a family friendly site and keeps a lid on situations before things get out of hand.

Here they are: :applause:

Paul B - Team Cadet
Bigdog - Team Cub
John *.?-!.* cub owner - Team Cub
Jim Becker - Team Cub
Cub-Bud - Team Cub
Rudi - Team Cub
Barnyard - Team Cub
Harold R - Team Cub Guide
Rick Prentice - Team Cub Guide
Bill Hudson - Team Cub Guide

Now, the real STARS of FarmallCub.Com deserve a round of applause :applause: TOO! That is YOU! YOU are a member of a community like no other on the internet or even the planet. How many other website's members hold get together's year round and even coined the phrase "CubFest"? With out YOU there would be no Farmall Cub Community! Think of the thousands of people who pass through this website getting help with their tractors and equipment and no one every says "pay up" -- YOU do it because you love helping others -- that is what makes EVERY MEMBER here special and makes many of YOU stay around beyond that first question you may have posted here.



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Re: Happy Farmall Cub Community Day!

Postby Winfield Dave » Mon Jul 08, 2013 5:58 pm

Thank you Dennis for so eloquently reminding us of what is sometimes taken for granted.

I want to offer my thanks as well to all those mentioned,
as well as a tremendous THANK YOU to you Dennis for everything you do for us. :applause: :applause:

This is simply the best Cub place on the net. :{_}:
"More gold has been mined from the thoughts of men than has been taken from the earth." -- Napoleon Hill

Bob McCarty
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Re: Happy Farmall Cub Community Day!

Postby Bob McCarty » Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:19 pm

Thanks Dennis and everyone on the Forum.

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we need to think differently."
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Re: Happy Farmall Cub Community Day!

Postby PVF1799 » Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:24 pm

Thanks to everyone who takes their personal time and $$$ to keep this site operating. I have no clue where my restoration would be w/o this site and all who contribute.

The sharing would not be possible w/o the back-office effort that I know is required. I'm glad this site exists - thanks so much for the effort to maintain it. It is truly one of a kind.

Thank you, Ken
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Re: Happy Farmall Cub Community Day!

Postby VinceD » Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:33 pm

Well said, Dennis and a special thanks to you for all you do. :D D
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Re: Happy Farmall Cub Community Day!

Postby Cecil » Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:39 pm

Thanks to all. Pris and I have met a bunch of great folks here and made a lot of wonderful friends.

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Jeff Silvey
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Re: Happy Farmall Cub Community Day!

Postby Jeff Silvey » Tue Jul 09, 2013 5:32 am

Thanks Dennis & others.
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Gary Dotson
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Re: Happy Farmall Cub Community Day!

Postby Gary Dotson » Tue Jul 09, 2013 5:39 am

I couldn't agree more! A big thanks to all who are a part of this site!

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Don McCombs
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Re: Happy Farmall Cub Community Day!

Postby Don McCombs » Tue Jul 09, 2013 6:41 am

Thanks to all who make this a great place to be a part of.
Don McCombs
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Re: Happy Farmall Cub Community Day!

Postby Stanton » Tue Jul 09, 2013 6:51 am

Awesome, Dennis! Thanks for starting this site and thanks to all who make it what it is. It is much appreciated!
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Donegal Cub
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Re: Happy Farmall Cub Community Day!

Postby Donegal Cub » Tue Jul 09, 2013 8:01 am

Dennis you have said it all :{_}: There is no other like this forum and the guys who run it :D Thanks from,
Donegal Cub.

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Re: Happy Farmall Cub Community Day!

Postby Bezirk » Tue Jul 09, 2013 12:41 pm

Thanks Dennis and all who have made this the web site for Cub info. And allso alowed me to make many new and valued friends.
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Re: Happy Farmall Cub Community Day!

Postby Barnyard » Tue Jul 09, 2013 1:29 pm

When I bought my first Cub I found this site and asked a few questions. I figured that was the end of my visits. It turned out the site was addictive and I kept coming back. It has been a fun six years chatting with so many different folks, attending CubFests in states I never thought I would visit and just making friends with so many people I never thought I would meet. If anybody visits this site and goes away disappointed, they must not have wanted to learn from some of the best in the first place. I listened and learned from the guys who know and I am glad.

I had the great pleasure to personally meet George Willer, Albie Badaracco, and Dan England as well as shared many PM's or phone calls with them. Pete Green would PM me occasionally to rib me about one of my Cubs or just to chat about something on the forum (usually it had to do with airborne pumpkins :lol: ). I had always hoped to be able to meet him one day. The late Russ Leggit was another member who always shared his Cub Knowledge at a CubFest. I learned from Russ and appreciated his help. Many of the guys who have been around from the beginning continue to share what they can. That is a testimonial to the greatness that can be found here.

Thanks Dennis, you have provided a place for many of us to go when we want to get advice, share advice or just enjoy an evening sharing our thoughts, jokes and ideas. It can't get any better than this.
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Re: Happy Farmall Cub Community Day!

Postby dgrapes59 » Tue Jul 09, 2013 6:47 pm

A big Thank You to Dennis for providing this wonderful forum for all of us to enjoy. Not only have I learned a wealth of information (and learn something just about every time I log in) but have made many new friends, some I have met in person and many I have had the never laid eyes on but via the forum I feel I have! What a great group this is, all walks of life, from all backgrounds and interests, still amazes me how we mesh when it comes to something as simple as a little tractor!

Anyone who has ever stepped up and volunteered knows what a trying, often unappreciated, job it really is! Hats off to all the people who contribute to make this a great community for all of us to enjoy and those "behind the scene" that do a good job keeping things going.

Thanks and looking forward to meeting other members at future Cubfests, MiniFest, Cub Express and all the other opportunities this forum provides.

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Re: Happy Farmall Cub Community Day!

Postby (CUB HUT) » Tue Jul 09, 2013 6:55 pm

Thanks Dennis and all who have made this the web site for these great little tractors and those who enjoy them. I have met a lot of new friends over this site , and hope too meet many more Dave

If you can read this... thank a teacher... if you are reading it in English....THANK A VET !!!


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