Ruehl 1/16th Scale Minatures

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Ruehl 1/16th Scale Minatures

Postby Rudi » Sun Mar 16, 2008 8:31 am

When searching for my ERTL Cubs, I came across other versions/models/manufacturers. Ruehl may have been one of them, but I never found much information. Most of the info I have found deals with their Massey Harris Metal Miniatures.. and not so much info on Farmall Cubs. So in researching I came across a few tidbits in articles here and there, they are included here with appropriate footnotes. Veracity has yet to be confirmed. You will occassionally see these items for sale on :eBay: which is where I found this particular item. The prices reflect the scarceness of these examples. Ruehl originals in any shape are pricey, a complete example will be well over $500.00US and a MNIB will be over $1,000.00US :shock: :!: I have yet to determine if Ruehl only made metal toys or if they actually made plastic ones as well. So far it seems metal is the favourite.

Following is an excerpt from an article: By Bill Vossler in Farm Collector

Bill Vossler wrote:Metal toys also were produced, some manufactured by Reuhl Products, Inc., of Madison, Wis., and very difficult to find today. "They made a well-detailed toy in the late 1940s and 1950s and weren't in business that long, but they made some out standing toys," Dale says. "You could take all their toys apart, because they were made with screws, and put them back together again. You could order parts for them. They also made a lot of construction stuff, and their toys were expensive for the time."

    Ruehl Toy Products:

    Farmall Cub



    There is not a lot of details and I am not even sure that these are what they are purported to be. I am hoping that someone with information on Ruehl Toys will pop in and let us know some more.

Ruehl Products seems to be re-incarnated. They do not list Cub or Cub Implements yet, but we will see. I am sending along info to them and hope that they may reply.
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