H is finally giving me problems...

Farmall H, HV & Super H, 300 & 350, 1939-1958
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H is finally giving me problems...

Postby knucklebuster » Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:03 pm

Bear with me, it's a long read. There are many questions sprinkled through out, if anyone can read it all to answer them, I would appreciate it...

Bought this 44 model H out of a barn about 5 years ago. It was in boxes and buckets. Tracked down missing parts and put it back together. Only thing it needed was new seals in the rear-end. Old man that owned it had taken it apart several years ago to replace seals, he had no idea how to do it. He died, and his son sold the tractor to me. Also came with a saginaw 3 pt, Christmas tree valve, and hoses, etc, necessary for install. Came with three or four implements, one of which I traded for some needed parts. I sold some more of the implements and wound up with less than $100 in this tractor after putting it back into service.

Since reassembly she has done great for me. In fact, probably too good! It is my main mowing tractor. I never had to work on her, until now. It will be down for repairs most of the winter. The short list is:

1. Repairing or replacing the clutch release sleeve carrier, one ear is broken off. The resulting noise that the remainder of the carrier made while spinning in the clutch housing is what got the tractor pulled off of the line and parked in the shop. Looks like one of the two mounting bolts backed out, putting too much stress on the remaining bolt, breaking the casting. Been having good luck welding cast lately, but just in case I cannot, anybody know where to get a good one? The offending part is IH number 6690 D, or 9304 D, listed on page 107 in TC-39 B IH parts catalog.

2. Repacking water pump. Wisdom and insights much appreciated here, never done it.

3. replacing seals in lift all. Again, wisdom and insights much appreciated here, seems like the last one I did was a booger.

4. installing case IH lift all "up date" kit. Do they still make that, or does anyone know what I am taking about? It raises the operating pressure to 850 psi, IIRC.

5. replace rear main seal.

6. Re-seal top deck lid

7. New front tires, I can see the air in the current ones. Dang things are higher than a cats back aren"t they!?! Got sticker shock pricing them.

May clean her up and paint her...if there is any money left over. Have to talk to the war department about that though.

OK, done with my pity party, now time to get to work. Don"t feel too sorry for me now...:)

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Re: H is finally giving me problems...

Postby KETCHAM » Tue Sep 08, 2009 12:33 pm

Wow,sounds like a tear down.I was hoping to get into mine this winter.$$$$ is the big problem.Got all the time in the world right now!!! Sounds like ya gonna split the tractor so rear main seal is smart.Tires,keep looking!! There are deals out there!!I have never done a lift-all.I'm sure its all o-rings and clips.Have not had one apart yet.Take time at IH dealer.Maybe give you a little insight.See if they have a parts break down.Sometimes I find that better than the shop manuels.Repacking water pump.I've heard about this.I hope some one chirps in on this.I've not done mine.Hear the water pumps are $$$$ .Good luck.Sorry not much help.Most of this stuff is easy to work on.If you are mechanic I guess.I do ok,glad to have guys that have been around tractors most of their lives.Kevin
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Re: H is finally giving me problems...

Postby Eugene » Wed Sep 09, 2009 8:35 pm

Try IH dealer for the packing. They may also have an overhaul kit.

I&T IH-8: Repack. Packing is furnished in split segments 1/4" thick. Remove water pump. Remove driver pin and driver. Unscrew packing nut and remove old packing. Replace with new. Impeller and shaft may be removed for easy renewal of packing.

The water pump overhaul section is 6 paragraphs long.

An edit. I tried purchasing packing for water pumps at autoparts store several years ago. No go at that time. I haven't tried large plumbing supply shops. Perhaps.
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Re: H is finally giving me problems...

Postby Dusti Snider » Wed Sep 09, 2009 9:18 pm

Lift-all pump seals really aren't that bad. My M needed an input shaft seal. Ordered it ahead of time from my case dealer. Came home from work one evening, ate supper and had it back in before bedtime, working by myself. Don't let it intimidate you. The pump is heavy, but is easily handled on a floor jack, if you do so slowly. I considered making a cradle to hold the odd shape of the pump on the jack. In the end I considered it a waste of time and figured I could manhandle it by myself in the same amount of time. I will admit that dropping and reinstalling the pump is easier on an M than an H. Good Luck...

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