How to Tap Out a Gasket

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How to Tap Out a Gasket

Postby grcox » Sun May 25, 2008 5:13 pm

Last week I had to replace the gasket on my final drive, not being a big fan of the orange silicon instant gasket I tapped out a gasket in about 2 minutes. Some 25 years ago my grandpa showed me how to tap out a gasket. Then, it crossed my mind not everyone may know how to do it and it's fast & dirt cheap to do.

Step 1. Collect your supplies
  1. Small ball peen hammer.
  2. Cereal box (or cracker box, coke box, any kind of cardboard like these) that is big enough to make gasket.
  3. Some kind of Permatex gasket shellac compound. A small 2oz bottle has lasted me 2 years now.

Step 2. Tear off a enough cardboard to make gasket.


Step 3. Starting in the center and work your way out, use the ball part of hammer and tap at the edge of holes this will cut the cardboard.

Step 4. Keep tapping until the center is cut out. Hold cardboard in place so it will not drift or move.

Step 5. Working your way out do the holes next.

Step 6, Place finger tips in cut out holes to hold gasket in place start taping /cutting the outside edge.


Step 7 & 8, Shows final cut gasket.


Now cover both sides of gasket with Permatex Indian Head Gasket Shellac Compound. This is my choice but other brands will work just coat both sides and assemble.

Caution: This will not work for a head gasket! But will work for water inlets & outlets, and other low pressure gaskets. I have had good luck and no failures with these gaskets

This not new but hope it helps one of us! :big smile:
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