Remove/Replace Flywheel Ring Gear

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Remove/Replace Flywheel Ring Gear

Postby Eugene » Mon Aug 26, 2019 3:40 pm

How to remove and replace the Cub's flywheel ring gear.
George Willer wrote:Use a drift and do it cold. To re-install it just heat it with a torch until it is uncomfortable to hold and it will slip right on.
Son and I placed a spacer under the center of the flywheel. Clamped the flywheel to the welding bench. Large aluminum drift, hammer, worked around the ring several times until the ring dropped off.

Emery cloth, touched up the new ring location on the flywheel.

Wood spacers to keep new ring off the metal welding bench. Heated the ring to 350 degrees F. Large bevel inside ring down, dropped the ring over the flywheel. Fell in place.

Used a MagTorch, propane and MAPP gas torch nozzle. Took about 1/2 of a small propane cylinder.

Thermal imaged the ring. 250 degrees F and the ring wasn't quite ready to drop on the flywheel. 350 degrees F, dropped in place.
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Bob McCarty
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Re: Remove/Replace Flywheel Ring Gear

Postby Bob McCarty » Mon Aug 26, 2019 5:29 pm

I've heated to remove them. Good to know that they can be knocked off easily.
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