dead ignition modual

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dead ignition modual

Postby Roninpa » Fri Mar 27, 2015 8:42 pm

I had a concrete quickie saw that didn't have any spark, I disconnected the grounding shut wire from coil and still no spark. i put a new module on and still no spark. At that point i was really lost, so i went on a small engine forum [ i don't recall which one] and typed in a description of my problem and found this solution. Put a socket on the fly wheel nut and spin it in the direction of rotation with a drill motor and the coil will resume sparking. I did this and it worked and the saw started on the first pull after this. I don't no why this works but it does. You can try this on any small engine and if you still don't have spark the module is dead. Ron

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Re: dead ignition modual

Postby John *.?-!.* cub owner » Fri Mar 27, 2015 9:51 pm

Be sure to use a drill, not an impact for that. An impact will strip the threads in the nut. One guess how I know.
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