Installing an alternator on a cub

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Installing an alternator on a cub

Postby Boss Hog » Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:04 pm

This is a very EZ process, Get the materials ready first and you will have no problems.
1. GM single wire alternator
2. 12 volt coil with built in resistor Part no from NAPA under $20
3. A 12 volt fan assy , This has a larger pulley and turns the alt. fast enough to excite itself
4. A 22 in belt
5. You will need to fabricate a mounting bracket for the Alt.
Remove the old generator, regulator and coil.
Replace coil with the new 12 coil.

This is a bracket I got from a forum member
The top pic shows the 12 volt fan

This is the old 6 volt fan you can see the difference in the pulleys, pay no attention to the belt sleeve I had a 22 and a 23 in out there

Make sure the belt is running true

I had to bend the top bracket a bit as you can see

Also make sure that the fan on the alt. clears the top bracket.
Hook the wire from the amp gauge that went to the regulator to the lug on the back of the alt. You will also need to switch the wires on the amp gauge to make it show charge instead of discharge, as now it is negative ground and not positive ground


As you can see the alt fits nicely inside the hood.

I hope this helps someone. all together I have less than $100 in the change over as I had a good 12 volt battery

All others pay cash
Boss Hog
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