Softening harden rubber - lights FYI

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Softening harden rubber - lights FYI

Postby inairam » Tue Apr 25, 2017 9:28 am

One set of round backlight had the rubber connections hardened to the point the mating connection would not go in. I have not been able to find these connections and did not want to replace the lights fixtures that were otherwise ok

I did a search and there is a lot of info on softening harden rubber by soaking it in 3 parts alcohol ( I used denatured because we had it at work isopropyl is what is recommended) and 1 part methyl salicylate (AKA Wintergreen Oil it smells like a cross between Lysol and a candy shop)


After 24 hours the rubber was soft. ( It I did it at home I would have checked it more frequently and may have pulled it sooner)


It does not come up much but here you go if it does.
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