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Carb Cleaning Tip

Postby Stanton » Thu Apr 25, 2019 7:28 am

Have wanted to get an ultrasonic cleaner at some point, but don't want to waste $$ on the HF version (bad reviews about leaking). So, decided the next best thing to try on a shoe-string budget was a roaster and some solvent. :)

Went down to the local Goodwill store and bought a roaster that had a temp setting of over 400 degrees F on the dial. Cost was about $7. Didn't buy a crock pot for two reasons: 1) too slow to heat up, and 2) doesn't get hot enough. Stopped off at Wally World and bought a gallon of Simple Green (industrial or commercial, can't recall), but it's not GREEN--it's PURPLE. Whatever.

Used mixture of 50/50 Simple Green and water, enough to completely cover the carb. Preheated the liquid to "steamy" hot; helps to keep the lid on.
Supper's ready!

Let it "cook" for 30 minutes or so--about the same time I'd leave it in a gallon of Berryman's Carb Cleaner.
Cooking the carb.

Came out clean as a whistle. Used compressed air and a can of carb cleaner to spray any nooks or crannies and to blow out passages. This particular carb is from a 782 Cub Cadet with a Kohler K17 engine, but it would be the same on any Cub carb.

As for the ultra sonic cleaner with it's vibrating action? Not once did I have the urge to shake the roaster during soaking. :)

Hope this helps.
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