touch control rebuild

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touch control rebuild

Postby mjrussu » Thu Oct 22, 2020 6:37 pm

I just finished rebuilding and reinstalled my touch control unit in my 48 Cub which has the old style unit (#351981R1) Everything went smoothly. I used the instructions with the pictures and the directions on how to install the components that I found on the forum for the old style unit and it was a life saver. I fired it up, cycled it through 20 times and it started lifting and lowering. The problem was the control lever is really tight and hard to move. The lever also moves with the rockshaft unless I stop it. I also have fluid leaking out around the countrol valve. What did I do wrong or what did I miss? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.

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Re: touch control rebuild

Postby Glen » Thu Oct 22, 2020 9:14 pm

Good that the Touch Control works again.

The friction the lever has at it's base keeps the lever from creeping when being used. It has to have enough friction that it doesn't move by itself.
I think the 351981R1 Touch Control uses a lever with a non adjustable friction.
Later IH changed to a lever with adjustable friction.

You said the lever works hard. I don't know why it would creep, unless it needs more friction.
I think all you can do with the non adjustable lever is replace the friction disc in the base.

Below is a listing at TM Tractor for a new friction disc. You can look at the pics.

Below are pages from the Cub parts manual, showing the 2 levers, if you need the info. ... 010-10.jpg ... 010-11.jpg

If you replaced the Control Valve o ring, maybe you damaged it enough putting it in that it leaks.
I think someone said before to check the casting around the hole for the Control Valve, when it is out, and be sure it is smooth. I think he said his was rough and would have cut the new o ring.
Smooth it if it is rough, and use plenty of clean Hy-Tran when putting it together.
TM Tractor at the bottom of the page sells just the Control Valve o ring.
They have said on here that it is a special size. :)

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Re: touch control rebuild

Postby mjrussu » Mon Oct 26, 2020 7:26 pm

I finally got back to the touch control problems I was having after the rebuild. I found out the reasons for both of my problems. The leak was coming from the check valve actuator or the check valve actuator stop. I didn't crank down hard enough to crush the new washers I installed. 1 problem solved. The hard nmoving lever was not due to binding in the linkage but the o-ring I replaced on the control valve was a bit too fat! I got the correct size o-ring now everything is working like advertised. No more oscillating up and down! I also made my own friction disc for the hand control out of an adhesive felt chair foot. I split it in half and removed the adhesive part and it works great. Thanks for all the information from past posts and to Glen for responding. Next up it's time to rebuild and clean up a rusty sickle bar mower. Wish me luck! Thanks again!

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