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Cub 22 mower

Postby DAVECUB » Sat Jul 13, 2019 5:08 pm

I have been using my Cub 22 mower (5 foot bar) for a number of years with no problems. Recently, however, while cutting fine-stranded grass which was quite dense, the mower struggled and then stalled. The drive belt at the back of the tractor was slipping. Cutting weeds or other types of grass was no problem.
I looked the mower over and found that the knives are not making good contact with the ledger plates. There are clips (e.g. part number MB 812) which hold the knives down, but these clips are not doing a very good job for me. I found that while cutting fine grass, the grass got packed in between the ledger plates and the knives and caused the mower to stop.
I thought that I could just bend the clips down to reduce the distance between the knives and the ledger plates, but when I tried pounding on the first clip, it broke.
Am I doing something wrong? Should I heat the clips up with a torch to soften them before I try bending them? Is there some other way to reduce the clearance between the knives and the ledger plates?
I am wondering if the clips are cast iron and therefore brittle. If so, is there a steel version that is more malleable?

Any help or advice you can give me would be much appreciated.


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Re: Cub 22 mower

Postby tmays » Sat Jul 13, 2019 5:51 pm

Need to check knives for sharpness. Ledger plates may need replaced. Check your wear plates also. If your hold down clips aren’t worn, then they are usually not a problem. Rock guards can be hammered down some if they need to be. Also make sure register is set right(meaning at the end of each stroke, the knife points should be under a rock guard

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Re: Cub 22 mower

Postby Glen » Sat Jul 13, 2019 6:57 pm

Below is the 22 mower owner's manual, it has lots of info.
The manual is for 3 different mowers, for 3 different models of IH tractors.
If info is for 1 model of mower, it is shown at the top of the page.
There is a table of contents on page 3. Cutter bar maintenance begins on page 9. :) ... index.html

On page 9 it shows the knife down against the leger plate, I've not been able to use it that way, there is too much binding when I raise the bar, the bar is not straight when raised.
Don't bend the clips down too much, and get the knife bar too tight, lift the mower, and try running it after bending each clip.
There has to be a small gap between the knives and the ledger plates, my opinion.

The hold down clips should not break when hammered down, if they are IH clips, as far as I know, the ones I have seen could be hammered down.
I have MA 812 clips, which is what Case IH was selling a few years ago. They seem to bend without breaking.
The inner clip has a high arch, and is a different part number.
You could heat yours before bending, would probably reduce the chance of breakage when bending.

It's important to check the knife bar for straightness before putting it in the mower. Hold it up by 1 end, with the other end on the ground, and sight down the bottom side, the rectangular bar should be straight. Bend it if needed to straighten it. It should bend by hand, unless it is bent forward or back, then you will probably need to hammer it in a vise.
You could check the cutter bar for straightness too, someone could have bent it in the past.

For fine grass, the serrated knives work better for me, below is a listing at TM Tractor, you can look at the pics.

The double knife is made for the outer end of the knife bar. They are made to help reduce plugging.
You could put one on if it plugs there.
Below is a pic, that is the one Case IH sells, I think. Other places have them too. :)
Cub section.jpg
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k hutchins
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Re: Cub 22 mower

Postby k hutchins » Sun Jul 14, 2019 11:36 am

IMHO your knives are dull. If you haven't sharpened or replaced them in 5 yrs, l guarantee they aren't as shar as they were. Also you mentioned cutting "fine grass". I'm not clear what you're using the mower for. It is designed as a hay/straw cutter, not a finish mower.
When l had a similar problem with grass "clogging" up, it was always a dull, broken, or missing cutter tooth.

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Re: Cub 22 mower

Postby muleboss » Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:07 pm

Sounds like you are cutting what we call wire grass. Really works a mower and knives have to really be sharp to work right.

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