Periodic Maintenance Schedule

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The following diagnostics were taken directly from the Cub owners manual.The complete owners manual can be found in the community forums under the link for PDF Manuals. NOTE: Manual downloads are available for community members only; don't worry, everyone is welcome to join our community.

10 hours of operation

After Every 10 Hours of Operation
Air cleaner cap Remove any dirt or chaff.
Air cleaner oil Remove, clean and fill.
Lubrication points Use "Lubrication Guide." Join our Community Forum and download PDF manuals for FREE.
Cooling system Check the level of the coolant in the radiator.
Fuel tank Fill with a good grade of clean gasoline.

60 hours of operation

After Every 60 Hours of Operation
Air cleaner, complete Remove and clean.
Flexible rubber connection between air cleaner and carburetor Inspect for loose fit or damage.
Fan belt Check tension; replace when necessary.
Radiator fins Clean spaces.
Lubrication points See "Lubrication Guide."

120 hours of operation

After Every 120 Hours of Operation
Lubricating oil filter Take apart and clean.
Engine crankcase Drain and change the oil.
Lubrication points See "Lubrication Guide."
Crankcase breather cap Clean in kerosene.
Storage battery Check the liquid level and specific gravity.

250 hours of operation

After Every 250 Hours of Operation
Fuel Strainer and sediment bowl Take apart and clean.
Spark plugs Remove and clean; check gap.
Magneto breaker points and chamber Clean chamber and check gap.
Magneto drive chamber and impulse coupling Check and clean if necessary.

400 Hours of operation

After Every 400 Hours of Operation
Cooling system Clean.
Engine valves Check for clearance.
Clutch pedal Check for free movement.
Brakes Check for free movement and equalization.
Lubrication points (500 hours) See "Lubrication Guide."

6 months or 500 hours of operation

Every 6 Months or After Every 500 Hours of Operation
Front wheels Clean and repack with new grease.
Lubrication points (1,000 hours) See "Lubrication Guide."
Distributor breaker points and chamber Clean chamber and check points and opening.
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