Filling my rear tires with liquid

Tue Sep 18, 2007 9:35 pm

I just found a chart that tells how much liquid to add and how much weight is added to my 29"-12:50-15" 8ply tires for my cadet. Its 14 gallons and adds 116lbs to each tire. I may add two wheel weights on each side too so those big AG tires will dig in. I'm kind of traction leary because of my neighbors 147 with the front end loader. We have tons of weight on the rear(cement block box) plus two sets or lead rear wheel weights and she still doesn't have any traction with a full loaded bucket. Since its a cub designed transaxle setup i'm sure we can load it up more.

I'm not sure about the liquid yet i may use windshield washer with antifreeze yup 28 gallons worth for the rear tires and the fronts maybe next. I know on my int154 cub while plowing snow it didn't steer too well without wheel weights so the added liquid in the tires just maybe a plus too.

Here's the site; ... allast.htm

Any thoughts or comments??

Wed Sep 19, 2007 10:42 am

My old Cadet came with a heavy duty IH hydraulically operated snow plow blade which was sat in the barn collecting spiders. I was going to install it but decided to see what kind of traction my Cadet had in deep snow. It had none!
Maybe wheel weights would work? Carefully added about a hundred pounds of cinder block to the Cadet over the rear wheels as an experiment. The extra weight improved traction but i still couldn't see it pushing a foot of wet heavy snow without losing traction.

I'm not saying a Cadet can't plow snow. With tire chains, wheel weights, the right tires and the addded weight of the snow blade its probably a capable snow plower. But a 2 wheel drive tractor will never out perform a 4WD for plowing snow.

So i decided to go another direction. I bit the bullet, spent some bucks and bought a 4wheel drive ATV complete with snow blade and never looked back.
When i put the ATV in 2WD it can't push heavy wet snow for SH#%. Put it back in 4WD mode and the snow is history!


Wed Sep 19, 2007 10:58 am

I had an ATV with a plow but found out in deep snow it took me a longtime to plow. Thats why i built my jeep tractor 4x4 cj5 134f head with loc rites F&R with 4 sets of tire chains. I boxed the frame with 3/8" plate from the front to the rear. Now it pushes snow with no problem.

My cadet is for tilling so far. But i do have the snow blower attachment too besides the snow/dirt plow too.

Wed Sep 19, 2007 11:15 am

As a Jeep Cherokee owner of 15 years i can definitely appreciate a CJ5 for plowing snow. A bigger heavier 4WD will always beat a smaller 4WD for plowing snow that is!

Not sure what you mean by a jeep 'tractor' though!
Got any pictures?


Wed Sep 19, 2007 4:47 pm

I orginally purchased a 55 jeep cj5 tractor from an old timer. It had a crane and a winch on the back with a 4 way plow on the from. It was a bare frame with the running drivetrain and a seat to steer it from. This jeep sits all summer and starst up every fall. It just won't die and i named her "Christine" after the movie.

The story is i went out looking at snowblowers and came home with a willys jeep tractor!!!!!! My wife went crazy!!!!

The problem is at my old house on top of a mountain gets lots of snow in my driveway all the time. I get hammered every winter so i needed something to handle it all.

I had an extra 73 cj5 v8 frame in the yard when the 55 frame rusted out after 4 years of plowing with it. I completely redesigned the frame by boxing it with 3/8" plate from the front to the rear. I also made a small 2 1/2 ton army front bumper with a lower plow frame that is 4x4x3/8" angle that runs from the front to the rear axle right below the main frame. I made a 12" ship&Car channel rear bumper too. With the longer v8 frame i fabricated a rear dump body that i have to install on it soon. I also have the orginal jeep PTO to drive my extra hydraulic pump. Its really heavy and can push snow or dirt with authority with the 4 sets of chains and lockers. Buying the new house interupted me on finishing it.

My fisrt jeep was an 80 with a 304v8 with 427 gears w/ posi's F&R with a snowplow. The only thing is it loved gas stations. This is why i love the 4 cylinders!!!!!! Any thing with a 4 cylinder gets my vote!!!

I have built a lot of 4x4 trucks too and i love my jeeps there like a quad with heat....

I bought my wife a new 99 wrangler TG with all the options like the 30" tire package and the dana 44, its an auto with no overdrive it heavy duty and i'm itchin to lift it and add a locker to the front soon too. Its the last of the 4.0 6's too. I told the misses i'd buy her a benz just give me the jeep to play with(build).

International / farmall tractors and jeeps is there anything else?

Wed Sep 19, 2007 9:40 pm

Hey BigBill, WoW! Some snow plowin machine.
I ordered my first new Cherokee back in '94. By '99 i put some 350,000 miles on it with no engine or tranny overhauls. Only burnd a half quart of oil every 3K miles. That Jeep would still be running today if it didn't manage to get T-boned.
Every Spring i get a bug up my arse to buy either a Harley or an old CJ that i can rebuild similar to what you did. The Harley goes out the window once i'm reminded of that permanent noggin on my head from my old Harley days.
But a CJ project complete with snow plow is still there naggin at me especially since that blizzard last Winter. Four foot drifts in front of the garage and barn...first time i've ever been snow bound out here. I had to pull out the heavy artillery, my Farmall 300U with front utility bucket to move out all that snow.
Even my dogs got snowed in!


This Fall i'm finally gonna put up some snow fences and see if that helps.