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Re: Garlic

Postby CapeCodCubs » Mon Dec 31, 2018 6:11 pm

Eugene wrote:
CapeCodCubs wrote:I thought a garlic needed to sleep over the winter with a deep freeze?
Garlic needs a period of dormancy before it will grow, don't I believe a hard freeze is required for some types. From reading on garlic cultivation, over wintering in the ground may be required to produce cloves.

Wife and I hauled off three straw bales from neighbor that were used as Halloween decorations. Mulched the garden plot, including the garlic. The ground has not frozen yet and with the straw insulation, probably won't.

Have a small space in the basement that wife has used for years to grow here plants. Built a bench to put the garlic pots. Wife promptly took over most of the bench, so I had to build a shelf that fit in the window for the garlic.

The garlic growing in the basement, just an experiment. Bored, need something to do during cold days. So watering and watching the garlic, interspaced with radish.

I wish we had windows to grow garlic in the basement, working on creating a link to a greenhouse from our basement bulk head door. That would be nice but lots of hand digging, supporting the house and lots of concrete. Heck we dug the basement of our old house down from 6 feet of head room to match an addition which was 8 feet of head room. Stuff to do in the winter.

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