really annoyed- cub cadet 48" deck

Wed Oct 24, 2012 3:58 pm

so i have a replacement deck pan 48". this was a NOS item and it was not cheap. the cast iron nose i had did not fit properly. i finally found what i thought was the proper deck nose and this stupid thing still will NOT fit. the part number i had originally was a 481082-R2 and i bought 489356-R3, my old deck pan was IH-481079-R93 and i purchased a IH-489356-R3 as a replacement. there was only two styles of cast iron nose pieces on these tractors and neither fits, im really pissed off about it. i spent allot of money and the best i can get is 3 bolts installed and i end up with a small gap at the top. i might have to put with this and use it anyways, i wish the part that i had purchased fit right; i tried long and hard to make this work. what gives??? do i have to try to force this thing together?

deck is for a narrow frame tractors

Re: really annoyed- cub cadet 48" deck

Wed Oct 24, 2012 4:09 pm

the noses are stamped with the part number on the back of it so i am sure that i have the right part #. i am also sure of what version of deck i have since the deck style that i have does not have brackets welded to the deck for deck wheels and the 3rd revision of the deck is the only style that did not have gauge wheel brackets. i guess i might have to live with this thing only having 3 bolts installed. i have spent too much time and money trying to make this thing right

Re: really annoyed- cub cadet 48" deck

Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:43 pm

I think you have some numbers mixed up, you used the 489 356 Re number twice.

For a 481 079 R93 housing assy (deck skin, pan or what ever you want to call it) you need a 481 082 R2 cast nose piece.

For a 489 353 R3 housing assy you need a 489 356 R3 cast nose piece.

Both of these have brackets for the gage wheels. There is also a version without the gage wheel brackets that uses the same part numbers as the second one listed above (489 353 R3 and 489 356 R3), but don't ask me why since there is a slight difference in the housing (gage wheel brackets), I should think the P/N would be different.

Re: really annoyed- cub cadet 48" deck

Wed Oct 24, 2012 7:47 pm

i looked at it again and i'm pretty sure what i have is a IH-489353-R3 housing which should take a IH-489356-R3 cast iron nose piece. im not sure why what i have doesnt fit. im just going to do some grinding and some filling on the holes and make this thing work. i think that it stinks that IH did this back in the day, 40 years later i come along and its still causing me grief. why did they have to change this deck design 3 times, seems like every 3-4 years they made some change to it? why did they feel it necessary to change the 48" deck 3 times in its life i wish i new. good grief im not waisting any more time and money on this project im going to make it work. i should be able to make it fit fairly closely and it probably wont make a bit of difference in the cutting performance or longevity of this otherwise great deck