Wages. M.J. Garreau Ledger

Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:30 pm

M.J. Garreau Farm Ledger..Wages:

Day wages were $2.00 for a full days work. $1.00 for a half day starting at noon. The $2.00 a day wages were stagnant from 1927 until Aug 26, 1948. Couple of entries for $1.50 and $1.25 a day in 1934.

Anette Spremont came to M.J. Garreau’s April 22, 1936. Commenced work April 23, 1936. To receive $3.00 per week. Anette worked until 2 Aug 1936. She was out of work for one week with mumps and not paid for time off due to the illness. Anette was paid periodically by check and cash. She received instead of wages; May 23 1936, 2 dresses $1.00. June 10 1936 White dress $4.03. June 26 1936 girdle $1.00.

Jerald Fagan. Husk corn fall 1933. 2469 bushels at 3 cents per bushel. Paid cash in installments and 1 hog, 310 weight at $2.75 per hundred.

Albert Hendricks came Sep 14 1939. Did chores for 15 days at $1.00 per day. Husked 1642 bushel corn at 3 cents per bushel. Paid in cash installments and “3 Union Suits for $2.25“.

Re: Wages. M.J. Garreau Ledger

Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:39 pm

That's pretty neat Eugene. Mom had kept a lot of Dad's stuff like that when he had hired help. Nobody seems to know what happened to it all. It and all the old pictures meant a lot to Mom so we know she never threw it away.

Thanks for sharing that with us.