Coyote pups

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Coyote pups

Postby Bob McCarty » Thu May 06, 2010 6:44 pm

For the last week when I take our Golden for a walk, we've seen a healthy coyote who would not keep running away after the dog stopped chasing her. It made me think that she had a den close by. This afternoon, I went to where I knew an abandoned den was and saw two small (less than 10" long) pups almost at the top of the den. I could have reached down and picked them up (which was momentarily tempting). The mother was about 50 yards away and didn't look happy. I went back toward the house and was able to get Juno to follow after me. She will follow a scent in circles when I can see the critter standing there. I'm not sure what she would do, as she's not too nice to the baby rabbits she catches. I may need to go back with the camera in a couple of days.

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Re: Coyote pups

Postby Barnyard » Thu May 06, 2010 6:47 pm

Flash and Bandit would make quick work of them. They'd probably want mom first. Rabbits don't last long around here either. The coyotes around here have been wreaking havoc for quit some time.
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Re: Coyote pups

Postby BigBill » Thu May 13, 2010 10:08 am

Kill them all!!!!!! These are not your friendly animals there killers. Ever see a pac of yotes take a deer down? Its sad but true.

I have a blackbear living behind my house in the water shed area in a cave. I have a fox running around here all day and night long looking for a meal for her kits. Then we have the areal assualt of the hawks and eagles too. Then between 8pm and 3am the bobcat/lyxn comes thru too. My pets don't stand a chance. But my feral kittens are ok so far. I took my new yellow lab pup for a walk outside and the shadow of a big winged predator went over us. I have one large bird the wing span is 4' to 5'. I'm keeping an eye on my 140lb rottie too. I really don't want to see the other side of her additue since she is so sweet./nice but i'm sure the switch is there and what a mouth full of ivory she has too. One on one i'll bet on her(maybe).

The lynx were seeing is larger than any bobcat and a medium gray and the size of a female german shepard. The other bobcats i seen while fishing have stripes like a house cat. All these predators are making a comeback and its time to hunt them again.

My new yellow lab pup looks up the water shed property and growls during the day, i'm sure he is seeing something up there. While taking the pup out at night my wife shines the flashlite at the back of my land and sees eyes but then there gone. One night one of my feral kittens scared her by running down to her at night. I also trained my cats to come on my whistle and calls too. I saved one from the fox one night by calling it when i seen the fox nearby.

Funny; Whe we first got the place in VT we were camping in my trailer with the family. The very first night we heard the yotes running the valey below at 9pm. We just went to bed and i asked the kids if they needed to use the privy? Of course i had no takers after hearing the yotes. Bill
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Re: Coyote pups

Postby dgrapes59 » Thu May 13, 2010 2:18 pm

Coyotes are not friends to pheasant hunters! I know a guy in NE who dug up a coyote den and said there were literally hundreds of pheasant leg bones in there!

Couple “interesting" coyote stories….

In the 50’s in Nebraska they were such a nuisance that they had a bounty on them. You would bring in the ears for the bounty. My grandpa and dad were going somewhere in the country and saw a coyote running along the road ditch. My dad got out and shot it with a .22 and when he retrieved it he found out it didn’t have any ears… they had been removed, apparently for the bounty and left for dead… but they had scabbed over. So, they took the whole thing to town and in the big city of Albion, NE it was apparently newsworthy as it made the paper. But grandpa took credit for the kill and posed for the picture in the paper with the coyote!

My grandpa trapped for many years and in the late 20’s he trapped a female coyote and later found out it had a den, with two pups…. Albino at that! (Now the strange but true part) he captured them, raised them… then stuffed them… he also did taxidermy! My dad has them now… here they are.....
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Albino Coyotes

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Re: Coyote pups

Postby Steve H » Thu May 05, 2011 9:19 pm

THE BESY COYOTE IS A DEAD COYOTE!!!!!!! I hate those NASTY ANIMALS!! NASTY! And smart as heck to! I've shot 4 and trapped 2 just in the last 4 months. KILL EM ALL!!!!
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