How to make a Hay wagon for Rides with your Cub

Mon Sep 03, 2007 11:05 am

1. Start with a good running gear from an old grain wagon. Paint it first if possible. I lucked out and found one with matching tires with plenty of tread on them. ... on/040.jpg

2. Install you main support beams (north and south) and bolt them in. I used 5" 7/16" bolts with locking and flat washers in each of two 4x4's you can use 4x6 as well. I had plenty of 4x4 lying around... Wanting to keep everything even, i went with 8ft 4x4's ... on/045.jpg

3. Measure the distance between timbers and do not exceed 24" past them to the outside (safety). In my case, it turned out to 80". Calculating a standard 2x6 into 8ft left with either 1/2" space or 2 1/2" space to have an even number of boards. I went with the later. ... on/048.jpg

4. Install rear (back) brackets that RICK P can make for you. ... on/042.jpg ... on/041.jpg

5. Install back uprights. 4 ft ... on/046.jpg

6. Install flooring with lag bolts 3" 5/16" with a flat washer ... on/049.jpg

7. Install a 2x4 on the end of floor boards for strength. Also trim at an angle to front piece to prevent it from running up on your rear tire when backing up and hitting your head. ... on/050.jpg

8. Install back the same as the floor, spacing and all. 2x4 trim as well. ... on/052.jpg

9. Paint to suit

10. Gotta show your colors though....


More pictures here. ... y%20wagon/

Wed Sep 26, 2007 12:50 pm

Nice job there John. I found an old IHC running gear with spoke wheels. I am thinking of doing the same thing with it. It is in rough shape and the guy is asking too much for it but I am tempted to shoot an offer his way.