Sonny, Your piggyback hitch.

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Cows and Sows
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Sonny, Your piggyback hitch.

Postby Cows and Sows » Thu Feb 25, 2016 6:40 am

Sonny, :hattip:

I would like more information on the piggy back hitch that you have/had. I want to duplicate such a setup and would like to view your ideas. My dad had a JD G and MM U tied together for years but I was to young to remember, and only have a poor pic. I'm going to tie together a UBU and a UT for our plow day.

I had googled to find pics and ideas and yours came up on this website, but not all the pics are there in your second posting.

I greatly appreciate any help you can offer.

I live east of the Quad Cities

Email works.

Thank You. Dave

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Re: Sonny, Your piggyback hitch.

Postby SONNY » Mon Feb 29, 2016 8:51 pm

I still have a few pics of them so let me get them dug up from P-bucket and post them!





These were the ones we scanned and posted!---I don't have any real good close-ups of the hitch,-- BUT I think I can re-create the whole set-up by looking at the pics and give you details of how I constructed this one that worked quite well for many years for Dad and I!

I used a 4-16" bottom MM plow on the front (hydraulic lift) and a 3- 16" bottom ( ground lift) behind and to the side . I ran them as a "on-land hitch" configuration,--You get used to learning where to drive so the furrows lapped just right!---Now 7-16's took out quite a swath!

The tractor hitch was a heavy 8" I beam under the back tractor, ( the U), and the plow was hooked to the end of the beam,--NOT to the tractor drawbar.--To make the beam, block it up under the tractor to see where the side brackets need to go,(2 big bolts will do), then take front wheels off of the U and weld a short "cup" under the front for the bolt to set in, then run a short big chain around the hubs and beam.---- At the front of this cut an angle on the bottom side of the I beam and weld flat plate to it so trash/dirt don't drag up.---On the topside I welded 2-- 3" wide by 1" thick flat bars with 1" drawbar pin holes drilled in the end. ( this is a very important link in your unit so it don't come apart)----At this point you are harnessing 2 fast heavy high hp tractors pulling/pushing on it!
On the front tractor (UB diesel) I made up a 1" x 3" drawbar and made it kinda short so the front end would stay on the ground!---It worked quite well too!
I made each control rod for clutch lever,--throttle ,--and hydraulic valve to lift front plow!---the back plow was rope trip and ran all the way up to the front tractor.
gear shifting was done by getting off the front tractor and walking back and selecting gear needed!----For U and UBD setup, I ran U in second and UBD in third because of the difference in ground speed of the two tractors!
this will get you started and there is more for the plow hitch itself! thanks; sonny

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