kubota fuel problem

Tue Jul 16, 2013 6:43 am

I have a kubota l1500dt (2cyc. diesel) and it seems to be sucking air in somewhere. I put a new fuel filter on and made sure there was no air there. I opened up the line coming to the injection pump and the lines on top of the injector pump going to the injectors and got all the air out there. I didn't open the lines on top of the injectors because they are the same lines coming out of the top of the pump. My last resort was a shot of starter fluid. It worked and all the air came out and it ran like a sewing machine. It sat for about an hour and the same thing again no start just like it had air again. I was probably 80 some odd degrees by now but I hit the glow plugs and it sputtered to a very slow start. I don't want to start using starter fluid but I'm at a loss. Any ideas where I'm sucking air I've tightened all my lines? Why did the glow plugs help?

Re: kubota fuel problem

Tue Jul 16, 2013 6:53 am

Your fuel system has air in it that needs to be blead out. This should be done at each injector for each cylinder. It is critical that air does not "leak" back in after shutting down as it makes the tractor difficult to start.
Most likely culprit is a dirty fuel injector or the connector at the fuel line is leaking some air back into the lines after the tractor is shut off.

Try filling the fuel filter with fuel before installing. It's a real bear to get all the air out of them. Some guys open the line at the injector and then run the fuel pump (or presssurize the tank) to get the remaining air to burp out.

Good luck with your investigation.

Re: kubota fuel problem

Tue Jul 16, 2013 7:45 am

I know this is probably going to sound stupid but could the gas cap be not sealing tight? I bled the lines coming out of the pump going to the injectors so I guess I need to bleed the injectors them self