Ferguson B-F0-A21 Grader Blade

Fri Mar 22, 2013 7:40 pm

Opportunity fills a need :D

My driveway is crushed limestone and over a thousand feet in length. Every winter, I plow snow and stones out of the driveway and into the diversion ditches. Every spring, I use the Cub 54A grader blade in the center mount position to put most of the stone back in the driveway. Repeat as required :wink:

It has always been a problem doing the diversion ditches as I have to back over the stone accumulation to get the center mount blade behind it then push it out. A rear mount blade would be just the ticket ! :-:-):

Craig's List came to the rescue a few weeks ago and I bought a blade that turned out to be a Harry Ferguson B-FO-A21 Grader Blade for a hundred bucks ! :{_}:

It was a three-point mount and my 1949 Cub isn't so equipped. I used the iron from the three-point framing to make an adapter to my draw-bar, the draw-bar mounted in front of the rear axle for a pull-down safety factor with the bow extended to the rear. That position put the three-point pivot pins about even with the rear tire sidewalls and my rear Touch Control rock-shaft easily lifts the Ferguson Blade from the center pivot of the blade itself; I'm only able to use the 15 degree left/right angle but my test run today worked fine !

I'd like to get a new cutting edge and new three-point pivot pins for the blade. They're a special construction: 7/8" overall diameter but reduced to 3/4"- 16TPI where they fasten to the inside of the mount. The Ferguson B-FO-A21 was later know as a Massey-Ferguson MF-21 Multi-purpose Blade as well as a Massey-Harris MH-1 Multi-purpose Blade. A search of the web was an exercise in futility.

Any one know a supplier?

Thanks, Don

Re: Ferguson B-F0-A21 Grader Blade

Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:19 pm

If you have checked with your local MF dealer and got nowhere you might consider a machine shop or well equipped welding shop. Hope you luck getting what you need.