Re: chainsaws ????? opinions???

Wed Nov 16, 2011 1:59 pm

I have a Jonsered with a turbo and am very pleased with it. I have had Stihl and agree they are also excellent saws.

Re: chainsaws ????? opinions???

Wed Nov 16, 2011 7:39 pm

Grump!!! ---the stil 250 of mine is a new saw!!---it was returned to the dealer because of this starting problem and they stuck my poor old neighbor with it!! he also should have taken it back but never did!---the little guy dont have a scratch on it!--the plug dont foul out---it is clean and dry but it wont start on a hot plug, thats why you have to carry the extra plug to put in and then its good for another tank of gas, (which is a long time I might add, very good gas mileage !) thanks; sonny

Re: chainsaws ????? opinions???

Thu Nov 17, 2011 1:14 pm

Sounds like an air leak on the 250 stihl she maybe vapor locking or an air leak. I been experiencing vapor locking in hot weather on all my new husqvarna's because i can't adjust the carbs any more per EPA there sealed now. My older husqvarna's were awesome and i should of never parted with them. But i wanted the latest and greatest turbo saws they offer now. The new ones do cut a tad faster over the older saws and there lighter too.

I was just looking at a stihl chainsaw just to break the normal husqvarna path i been on. I like my husqvarna's but i would like something different.

Since the new saws have sealed carbs were we can't adjust the gas it doesn't make sense to me. I had hot summer settings and cold winter settings for many years i found one setting doesn't do it all temp wise. Being in the buss i ran them more than your average cutter so i noticed the difference in rpm when the temps change.

Re: chainsaws ????? opinions???

Thu Dec 01, 2011 9:57 am

The other replies may have already covered all that I post on the subject. My newest regular saw is now well over 15 years old. So my remarks do not necessarily apply to the saws of today. The fuel lines on Echo saws tend to deteriorate faster than my other saws, perhaps ethanol-related. My Stihl was a screaming demon after wood. But it required repairs often. My Husqvarna has been ultra reliable and extremely easy and quick to start if one knows how to handle the very high compression of the engine. But Husky shut out most of the dealers in my area and parts/service is not easy for me now. Husky shut out any dealer who did not stock the entire Husky line. Zero-turn mowers sell poorly in my area and keeping one in inventory eats up space and cash. My Stihl polesaw, the newest saw I have, has been excellent, but it was very expensive.
Both my Husqvarna saw and the Husky hedge trimmer have had fuel line failures.

Re: chainsaws ????? opinions???

Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:48 pm

Have Stihl 041 Field Boss with an 18" bar and she still does a fine job. The Echo dealer says she may be hard to get parts for now. He wants to sell me a new saw.
PS It doesn't hurt to put a little extra gas-'oil mix' in when mixing a batch.