Trailer opinions?

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Winfield Dave
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Trailer opinions?

Postby Winfield Dave » Mon Jul 18, 2011 8:22 am

Does anybody have any experience with these trailers?
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Re: Trailer opinions?

Postby oronc » Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:29 pm

No experiance on those type,Looks good in the pic. Just my 2 cents,watch Craigslist found mine with fold up ramps for 800.00,No more than you use it can't see spending 2 or 3 grand.

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John C
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Re: Trailer opinions?

Postby John C » Mon Jul 18, 2011 6:53 pm

Dave, those look like nice trailers. Mine is similar, but I like the solid steel floor as opposed to wood; however others may feel differently.

I think 18' is perfect. That way your car won't hang off the back and you can haul two Cubs if needed.

When you buy, check the age of the tires. I didn't and two tires blew out on the road after I'd had my trailer only four years. Now I watch them a lot closer.

Make sure the wheel bearings have grease fittings. You will probably still want to take them apart every so often, but if you can grease them regularly without spending two hours every time you will be happier.

Make sure you get the D rings for tiedowns.
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Re: Trailer opinions?

Postby tomcat » Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:40 pm

i had my trailer build here at home for 2 grand 20 feet long and two 5200 pounds axles with brakes on one axle. all ready pulled it over 4000 miles no trouble at all . pulled 75 miles an hour coming home from the tug. tomcat

Clark Thompson
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Re: Trailer opinions?

Postby Clark Thompson » Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:12 pm

There is a new federal law going to take effect I beleive in sept that all axles on trailer with a GVW of (I think) 2600lbs or more must have brakes. This is for commercial and non commercial trailers. Also If you use straps to tie your tractor or anyting down the strap must display a tag that states the strength of the strap. This is a crack down on lawn care and landscapers using trailers improperly loaded and improperly licenced.Non commercial trailers are included in the new laws. also dont get cought using your non commercial trailer for making money. The use of house trailer axles and tires are not allowed now. I found this out first hand. I was lucky that my trailer has loboy axles and tires. The trooper told me that the fine per house trailer tire was $200.00 per tire. If I were buying a new trailer I would get the beakes on both axles. Saves on future headaches. If you have a older trailer with brakes on one axle you will be required to install brakes on the other axle. These laws will be inforced by states requiring inspections. and states that dont do inspections like OHIO will have troopers and DOT spot inspections.How the feds can inforce this is beyond me. BUT! I was stopped 2 times in the last 3 years just because my trailer has what looks like house trailer axles and tires. How they tell is by the specks of the tire. they check to see if the axle has be cut and welded and for the OD of the axle tube.Ok im rambling now sorry :oops:
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ricky racer
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Re: Trailer opinions?

Postby ricky racer » Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:56 am

John C wrote:Dave, those look like nice trailers. Mine is similar, but I like the solid steel floor as opposed to wood; however others may feel differently.

Steel decks are slippery. Be careful.
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Re: Trailer opinions?

Postby Rudi » Wed Jul 20, 2011 2:09 pm


Nice looking trailer. :!:

Gord has a 16'er and it is a tad short to my mind and an 18'er would be just about perfect. That is what I would opt for if/when I ever buy one. Right now all my DGC can handle is my 6'x12' utility dump trailer. Gord got his from Linkletter Welding - Industrial Utility Trailer. One of the things I really like is that the ramps are stored under the deck cross-wise to the trailer bed. Heavy duty ramps. His deck is not pressure treated. Enclosed wiring. No D-rings ordered but we added em last year at Dales during one of our MiniFests with Gord, Bruce, Dale and I :D


One of the concerns up here for us is that the frame should be sandblasted, primed and then painted. Rust from the salt air is common and import trailers seem to be simply painted when then flakes easily. Also imports are not wired. The LWL trailers have totally enclosed wiring which is a real plus. D-rings are a wise option.

Now this is JIMHO, but I agree also on the wood decks. Pressure treated or Douglas Fir decks will last a long time. If you opt for untreated stock, a coat of Mr. Irving's finest .. or is that Mr. Getty's finest :?: :wink: 10 or 30 wt each year will keep the deck in top shape. After loading and off-loading TD-7/8's a few times on both steel and wood, I find the steel decks are very dangerous. Also working as a rigger with my BIA, wood decks are much safer with less tendency for accidents to happen. Don't ask why I know that intimately :oops: Same applies to tractors. I am not a happy puppy loading tractors on any flat bed higher than 12" or 18" max .. but with a wooden floor it is at least a little firmer footing for a Cub or whatever you are loading especially as you load rear first. My preference is to sling em on the trailer and drive em off :lol:
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