Farmall B Engine ?

Thu Jul 08, 2004 10:09 am

I have read in the Farmall A and B service manual and in Guy Fay's book Farmall Letter Series that the valve seats in the A and B should not be replaced with inserts. Why :?:

Thu Jul 08, 2004 6:24 pm

I would guess because of the inherent uneven cooling of the thermo-siphon cooling, that it would be posible for the inserts to drop out of the head and damage the piston. That happened to my father with a 434 IH many years ago. The mech said to lat it idle for a few minutes after hard work so the head could cool evenly. Course it had a water pump too. :idea:

Fri Jul 09, 2004 10:33 am

I had the head on my '45 B farmall totally re-worked; new valves, valve guides, valve springs, valve seats, plained, magna-fluxed...the works. I hope I have no trouble. :roll:

Fri Jul 09, 2004 12:21 pm

I posted your question on the Red Power Magazine forum (no replies), and on the Farmall section of YTMAG. Got 3 replies on YTMAG from people that had installed vlave seats in A or B, and had not had any problems.

Fri Jul 09, 2004 2:57 pm

Thanks, John. It really makes no sense why they could not be replaced. Maybe modern technology has outrun the problem and everyone has forgotten why it would not work at first. :roll:

How is my step-cub doing :?: