Official results of Tractor Test Lab

Mon Jan 12, 2009 1:33 pm

When one sent a stamped & self addressed envelope to the tractor test lab of Univsersity of NE Lincoln, one received a one page summary of the tests. Now the lester Larsen tractor Test Lab Museum of UNL is able offer copies of the official test results often seven pages long from the mid thirties to the mid seventies embossed with the museum's stamp and that of the director engineer on heavy paper suitable for framing. We are asking for a donation of $25 to compensate for the time and expense involved. This includes S&H to the lower forty eight but not any custom duties. Other locations will be charged actual S&H. You may contact us by googling Lester Larsen Museum and clicking on the appropiate response or by mailing us at Lester Larsen Tractor Museum PO Box 830833 Lincoln NE 68583 USA. If you are ever in Lincoln you can view our tractors some of which were important in the history of tractor manufacture at Larsen Tractor Museum 35th and Fair, UNL East Campus, Lincoln NE.

Richard :tractor: