A Big Thanks From The Barnyard Bash!

Mon Jun 02, 2014 11:33 am

Rosanne and I want to thank everyone for their support at the 7th annual Barnyard Bash Cubfest. What a weekend it was! Over 70 members showed up to enjoy the fun the food and the weather as well as the camaraderie with each other. They came from Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, Missouri, New York, Maryland, Michigan, and Alabama. This was indeed one of the best Bashes yet.

A lot of new faces were here and they all learned from the experienced members who unselfishly shared their knowledge. It was a true CubFest atmosphere as many carburetors were rebuilt and heli coiled, clutches adjusted and replaced, final drive repair brake replacements and on and on it went. It could not have happened with the support of everyone in attendance.

After Saturday’s lunch we spoke about George Willer. It was the second anniversary of his passing and we did not want it to go unnoticed. Those who knew him spoke of him told the new members of George’s deep involvement with Cubs, how he helped many new members learn and how he was instrumental in establishing the first CubFest. The tribute was followed by the presentation of the sixth annual George Willer award to Gary Dotson. Gary is a well deserving recipient in that he follows the way George would have done things if he were still with us.

As always there are thank yous to hand out. Bob McCarty and Mike in Louisiana, as well as Mike’s daughter Michelle came in on Tuesday to lend a hand getting the grounds ready. Many members helped get the tables, chairs and canopy up and ready. David Grapes came through with every loaf of bread, pack of buns, bags of chips and snacks galore to keep us going through the weekend. Never to be forgotten are the ladies. These are the wives of the members who did everything with the many meals we served over the weekend. Without their help Miss Rosie would have never been able to do it. An additional thanks to Steve Buttram, Jeff Silvey and Mike for assisting with a couple of our meals. As usual, it is easy to miss someone, but if I did, I do apologize.

Let’s do it again next year, the Friday and Saturday after Memorial Day.

As always, thanks to all in attendance for your support and I hope to see you all at another CubFest in the future.

Re: A Big Thanks From The Barnyard Bash!

Mon Jun 02, 2014 12:06 pm

Well put Bill--it was indeed a GREAT and enjoyable time!! Already have it on the calendar for next year! Sure do appreciate you and Rosie putting up with all of us!! The Tennessee Boys

Re: A Big Thanks From The Barnyard Bash!

Mon Jun 02, 2014 12:16 pm

Special thanks to Bill and Rosie from me also for the food and friendship.

Also, thanks to all who participated in the silent auction. The money that I carried back home will help keep Tennessee green. :{_}: :{_}: :{_}:

Re: A Big Thanks From The Barnyard Bash!

Mon Jun 02, 2014 7:44 pm

Bill I think you have covered everything. Janice was a little upset on not being able to help. I ask her on late Thursday night if she wanted to go I told her their will be others but I wasn't going to pull the loaded trailer. She said we will go on Friday morning I said if she said anytime she wants to leave we would. I would like to Thank everyone for their thoughts on asking how she is feeling & taking care of her, while I tried to help others. Let me say last year it was a lot cooler/colder.
Be Safe

Re: A Big Thanks From The Barnyard Bash!

Tue Jun 03, 2014 7:11 am

Everyone has said it well, Regina & I had a great time! Thanks Bill & Rosie and everyone who pitched in to help!

Re: A Big Thanks From The Barnyard Bash!

Tue Jun 03, 2014 12:55 pm

thanks guys you made my first Bash a great time.