Buckeye Cub Tug Thank You

Wed Aug 21, 2013 6:16 am

Bonnie and I want to thank everyone for making the Buckeye Cub Tug successful at its new home. We wanted to stay true to the original Cub Tug and hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. For me it was a whirlwind weekend and I am just now catching my breath.

This event wouldn't have been possible if not for all of the help and guidance from Darrell and Janet Ratliff and we owe them a special thanks for helping us and letting us carry on the Buckeye Cub Tug tradition. Darrell and Janet spent many evenings and weekends helping us prepare and were here the entire week of the event. We would also like to thank, John, Sheri and Mikey Ratliff. What can I say John is a wizard in the kitchen and it would be danged near impossible to feed everyone without him. And I don't want to forget all of the ladies that helped. David Grapes was instrumental in getting the donations from Kroger's to help feed everyone and made the entire process simple.

We would also like to thank our friends David, Anne, Joseph, Robert and Willy Snider. Other than Willy, they had never been to a Cub Fest and didn't know what to expect but they worked tirelessly the weeks prior and during to help pull it all off. I would be remiss without including my cousin and friend, John Van Sickle. John worked many long hours finishing up the electric and putting up ceilings and walls so we would be ready to go.

When Darrell and Janet went home Wednesday night I didn't think Janet thought we would make it. Everything was still moved out of the shop and into the bays so we could finish the ceiling, walls and the lights. Little did she know that the Snider elves would show up during the night to help move everything back. And then there is Don and Cecil. They pulled up Thursday morning and the very first words out of their mouths were, "We are here; what do you need us to do."

Barnyard and Rosie have several hours driving in delivering chairs, tables and canopies. They came early to help setup and stayed late to help tear down. I wouldn't be surprised that if all of their miles were added up that they hadn't traveled the furthest. In fact he wore out his motor home and had to tow it back home. When I woke up Sunday morning, there was Carl, Cathy and JJ, along with Bill and Rosie, already at work starting to cleanup.

I would also like to thank the Village of Somerset and the Somerset Memorial Park Board for letting us use the park and creating a pulling track. Huge thanks goes to Brad Knight, of Knight Excavating, for building the track; The Southeastern Ohio Garden Tractor Pullers Association for donating the pulling sled; the Clay Haus Restaurant for supporting us and feeding the early arrivers; Landmark Auto Parts for their support and Scott Pletcher for loaning his smoker for the pig roast. And don't forget the Somerset Boy Scout Troup 257 for providing the trackside lunch. The Scouts mentioned that they would also like to thank everybody for their support. They cleared over $200 for their memorial fund and want to do it again next year. And of course none of this would have been worth doing if folks didn't show up and bring their Cubs. Thank you for coming and making it a fun weekend. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

Doug & Bonnie

Re: Buckeye Cub Tug Thank You

Wed Aug 28, 2013 11:36 am

Doug, as always, Rosie and I had a great time. You and Bonnie as well as the Ratliff Family and the Sniders did a great job. The fun, food and camaraderie were reminiscent of all Cub Tugs past. We definitely look forward to next years event.

Re: Buckeye Cub Tug Thank You

Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:21 pm

Had a great time, Doug. Thanks to all of you for a fine event.

Looking forward to next year.

See you then!
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Re: Buckeye Cub Tug Thank You

Thu Aug 29, 2013 5:07 am

Thanks from the Silvey's as well. We'll be back next year.

Re: Buckeye Cub Tug Thank You

Thu Aug 29, 2013 9:05 am

Thank you Doug and Bonnie. Had a great time and will be back next year. I'm sorry that I had to leave early due to a relative's death.