Farmers Day in Richlands, NC

Mon Aug 22, 2011 9:37 pm

Once again it's time for Farmers Day in Richlands, NC. This "hometown" festival has lots of family stuff to do. Arts and crafts vendors, kiddie rides, food, entertainment on the stage all day. The county museum is in Richlands and the director does a guided hayride through town and talks about the historic architecture and the history of the county--very interesting.

For us, the MAIN EVENT is the tractor show. All colors, especially Cubs are welcome to come and show. We have a parade of power in front of the stage (I believe it's at 2:30 this year) and there's a parade through town at 9AM. The sponsors charge a dollar per entry to be in the parade, it is free to show tractors--there's also no admission to attend the festival and the only $$ you really need is for whatever lemonade, hotdogs, and other "fair food" you want to buy, and any goodies you want to buy from the craft vendors.

The proceeds from this event benefit local FFA programs. This past year, the event sponsors gave one of my students a $1500 college scholarship, and paid half of the fee for our 9 FFA officers to attend state leadership conference.

PM me if you have questions. Come to eastern NC, spend Saturday at Farmers Day, and Sunday at the beach.... :big afro:


Re: Farmers Day in Richlands, NC

Tue Aug 23, 2011 8:09 am

Either you or I missed the date for this event. Could you tell us "locals" when this is? :big say what: Thanks!

Dale F

Re: Farmers Day in Richlands, NC

Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:44 am

1st Saturday after Labor Day. (I think) They had a listing for 2010 and thats what it had.

For more info call Amy Rhodes @ 910-324-7492 or e-mail

Re: Farmers Day in Richlands, NC

Tue Aug 23, 2011 3:27 pm

A date would be helpful......first Satuday after labor day is correct--Sept. 10 this year! Hope you can make it...


Re: Farmers Day in Richlands, NC

Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:03 pm

BUMMER! I really was thinking about going...but there is a Summit on Fracking from 1:30-5:30 that I am going to. Hope the Farmer's Day goes well and there is a great turnout!

Dale F

Re: Farmers Day in Richlands, NC

Wed Aug 24, 2011 8:16 am

BDFinch wrote:Summit on Fracking

That is all over the place, isn't it, Dale! Suddenly there is oil and natural gas potential in TONS of other places around the country because of this process.

Interestingly, it is really driving up the cost of the ingredients I sell to the food industry because they are used in the water that is injected into the wells during the fracking procedure. One of the ingredients we sell has gone from 0.86 per pound to over 2.50 per pound in just the last 6 months!!!

Sorry to hijack the thread...

Mike in La Crosse, WI