Wed May 02, 2007 3:47 pm

My plan is as follows:

Thursday: Pick up rented grille for the Saturday dinner, Pick up 16' trailer & get both cubs loaded.
Friday: Hit the road with all my stuff in tow & will probably get there around 10a.m.
Friday evening: head back home.
Saturday a.m.: Pick up all the food & stuff then take my 5 year old son to "T" ball. I'll head back up with him after that & I should be back by 12:30-1p.m. We will head home after dinner.
Sunday: back up in the a.m. for the day.

Wed May 02, 2007 4:04 pm

Hey, how about some directions???????
I just went onto mapquest & they have me going up the parkway which I cant with the trailer.
From what I see on the regular map, it looks like I have to go I-95 to 395 & then 85 into Colchester. Should I skip 85 & head up a bit to Rte2? It's a little longer but it might be a faster rte.
Any suggestions? I'm leaving from Greenwich, CT

Wed May 02, 2007 5:45 pm

Dave, I really think your best bet is to get off Rt. 395 (exit 77) to Rt. 85 north to Colchester. It's a good quality country road and one that I would feel comfortable driving on with a 16' trailer hauling two Cubs.


Wed May 02, 2007 7:23 pm

How about comming from the Mass pike towards Hartford?

Wed May 02, 2007 8:20 pm

I have Navigation in the truck. Is there an Address.

Wed May 02, 2007 8:25 pm

The web site says 544 Amston Rd (SR85) in the town of Colchester

Wed May 02, 2007 8:28 pm


Wed May 02, 2007 8:38 pm


You have it right, I-95 to 395 & then 85 into Colchester is the easiest way there up the shoreline. That's how I get there from North Branford.

I was there tonight setting up the camper. Nancy and I will be there tomorrow night with our '52 Cub "Squeaky". The site looks beautiful, Art and the other QVEA members did a great job getting ready for spring.

See you all there!


Wed May 02, 2007 8:56 pm

From my way I take 395 to Rte 2 (Norwich) and get off on Exit 21 or 19. At the town center (square?) Rte 85 N (right) is not too far west (1/2 mile or so) and the farm is only a couple of miles north on the right. Hope I got it right.

Cecil, I would think you could do OK by taking 91 south at Springfield and in downtown Hartford take RT 2 east to Exit 17 and take a left on Rt 85 before you come into Colchester. Probably messy big city traffic, but looks to be the best way.

See ya'll soon.....


Wed May 02, 2007 9:20 pm

Larry, your directions are AOK.

Cecil, get off the 'business district exit for colchester. it's the first exit, probaby 17. left at end of ramp over highway, then bear right at the merge. you'll pass the state police barracks 1 mile up the road and see rt 85 on the left. 1.5 miles on right.

we have a nice set-up arranged. i'll be out friday am. more setup to do and whatever else i have time for.

see you all :D :D


Wed May 02, 2007 9:38 pm

95 to rte 9 to 66 and then across 16 isn't a bad route either.

Wed May 02, 2007 9:52 pm

i think you meant route 95 to route 91 to 66 to 16.

somewhat faster by 95 to route 85, i would think

Thu May 03, 2007 5:59 am

OK guys I got it I think. If travel goes well I will be there about 8 A.M. TOMORROW. :D

Thu May 03, 2007 7:38 am

Only 1 Day to go.
:{_}: :-:-): :{_}: :-:-): :{_}: :-:-): :{_}: :-:-):
Days: Sunny, Highs in the low 70's
Nights: Full Moon, Lows in the 30's.
8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

I hope to be there by 10:00am.
See you in the morning.

Thu May 03, 2007 7:15 pm

The sun is down and all is quiet at Zagray farm.. :D


Can't wait to see ya'll tomorrow!! We'll mind the place until you get here... :D :D :D :D :D