Thank ya'll a lot I mean it

Sat Nov 02, 2013 7:06 pm

I want to thank all of ya’ll for putting up with my stories. You see I have been writing for awhile and I have to say without a doubt that the farmall crowd has read my stories of life at the higher percentages by far. I think we all have something in common. It is important if you expect to sell a book now days to have as large as possible past readers. My stuff is mostly rural because I grew up (mostly) rural but also spent a large amount of time in the city. But anyway I put out any of my stories with ya’ll and I get a lot of hits and I hope that is because you like the stories and not that you are deleting them. 8) There are a lot of them about little women, dating, wives and such that I figured don’t fit in with the subject of this group so I don’t post them but they are good reading and you can get to them by looking for Redneck Heritage Network (Art Nalley) on any of the search engine’s especially Google since it is on Blogger. Any way had like 300 hits this weekend and it encourages an old man such as me to continue writing. Thank You! If any of you need advice on women, I am the man and only cost you fifty percent of the value. Ya’ll have a good one!!!!!!