Recommended Epoxy Floor Coating?

Wed May 18, 2011 9:14 pm

I've been working to re-do my garage/shop, and now I'm down to doing the floor. The floor was painted with a Latex floor paint, which obviously didn't last with all the salt and snow falling off the cars in the winter months. So, I'm planning to sand this off and go with a real Epoxy floor coating.

I know the Rust Oleum ones at Home Depot are OK, but I only want to do this once, and I've heard that those will definitely not hold up too well.

I've been looking at the POR-15 floor coatings, and since the other POR products are so good, I figured this would be too.

Has anyone used an Epoxy floor coating that they would recommend?


Re: Recommended Epoxy Floor Coating?

Thu May 19, 2011 9:43 pm

I used Dura Flex coatings about 15 years ago.

The basement floor is holding up extremely well. It was too hot the day I did my garage and it was cooking over a little too quickly, but even still it looks goo, but a couple of areas spalled away.
I acid washed everything. The smooth coatings are extremely slippery when wet. I mean extreme. I used some quartz sand in the garage and too much shreds a mop but it is non-skid. If I did it again I would go for one of the thicker coatings with the embedded sand that they need the spiked shoes to apply. The surface texture make it less treacherous when wet. The smooth coatings are like wet ice when wet. I am saying it again as you need to think about this in a garage.

My mother's garage was coated by a friend and me back in the late 70's. Epoxies have gotten a lot better since then- they are more flexible, but even still, this one held up well too. I don't remember the formula but I doubt if the same chemistry is on the market.