Re: On Building Tractor Shops

Fri Oct 07, 2011 8:30 pm

My dad purchased a metal framed, 24' x 36', 10 foot tall door, sheet metal siding and roofed building. We set the building on a concrete slab. Building was anchored by using long metal rods driven into the soil. Building was used for storage and never finished on the interior. Since the building was considered movable, it was not taxable.

Suggest talking to your tax assessor and discuss taxes on various types of buildings.

I've been looking at having a shop building constructed for several years. Locally there are a number of firms that build a pole barn for a very decent price. Which means that I would have to finish off the interior and pour a floor.

Re: On Building Tractor Shops

Sun Oct 09, 2011 5:38 am

I'll just add one thing about the cost....the price might be the same for blocks vs/ metal? But the labor to install blocks will triple the price. Anybody can hang metal panels.

One more thing....what about wood sides? Here in the Northeast many side their pole barns with rough sawn....board and batten, ship-lap, etc. If bought from a small private sawyer, the price is half that of metal...and also easy to install.

Best of luck. I'm just finishing a small 12x16 sugar shack this fall. I built a timber frame and sided it with shiplap and a metal roof.